Mona Matta makes world a better place, one day at a time


It is true that these are the times when women are ruling the roost and without them no field is deemed complete. They work tirelessly and ensure to put their best foot forward in whatever they do.

An entrepreneur, a social worker, a nature lover, and a full-time mother; Mona Matta dons many hats every day. As I got a little sneak peak into her life, I could easily figure out that she is a strong headed individual who is packed with positive energy and vigour.

With her infectious smile on, she spoke to The South Asian Entertainment Magazine about her journey from her homeland to a place she now calls home.

Hailing from India, she moved to Canada almost two decades back. Initially, like every migrant, she had many challenges thrown her way. But her attitude to take the challenges head-on made her journey easier.

“Personally, it was a bit of a struggle as I was very young, newly married and commencing a new life in a new country. I had no family or friends around which made the entire move a little overwhelming. I had so much to learn while experiencing new ways of living, a multicultural environment, struggling with personal chores and other responsibilities. It needed a lot of moral and emotional strength to transit into the unknown”, she said.

Mona added, “It was the warmth of the people and their welcoming nature that in no time I started feeling home in Vancouver”.

Ever since then, there has been no looking back for Mona. She became an integral part of the South Asian Community residing in B.C. Her strength to do things with all her heart made her excel wherever she went. At the professional front, her unmatched leadership skills helped her grow immensely.

Being a working mother, maintaining a personal and professional life balance remains a constant struggle for many and Mona also faces several impediments at times. She said, “Some days I do accomplish way more than others. I feel planning and organizing things ahead of time and keeping your calendars updated is the key to a smooth and successful sail.” She loves to spend time with her son, Abir, and makes sure she scoops out time for him even on the busiest days. “I always start my day thanking the almighty for all that he has given me. My morning routine includes getting my son ready and dropping him to school. I spend most of my day working and the evenings are reserved for my son’s extra-curricular activities and prepping dinner for the family. I make sure to squeeze out some time for working out as well.

Without a doubt, she is a family-oriented person and feels “knowing little things about each other’s day is very important. It helps you stay connected to one another. Even if you have a meal together as a family, it makes a huge difference.”

However, travelling and exploring the world together remains their favourite activity as a family.

When asked if not a working woman, what would you rather be? She said without much thinking that she would have loved to be an artist considering her creative bent and an artsy approach. She also loves to sing and cook.

Moving to Canada at a tender age, she feels the country welcomed her with open arms and believes that there is no age or limit to learn in this country. “No matter what age group or religion you belong to, Canada gives an equal opportunity to everyone to turn their dreams into reality. This approach played an important role in my journey as I moved here. The tremendous love and support of my husband who also is my biggest strength made the transition smooth and easier”, said Mona.

While she continues to inspire so many people around her, her inspiration to be better everyday comes from her very own sister.

“Being a distinction holder in studies she followed her dream and became a fashion designer and has been running a successful fashion house for over two decades. She is the most successful inspiring person who never gives up and makes me want to be a better version of myself, every day!

When asked about if she would like to have a superpower, what would that be? She said in a blink — healing people — and that just made me sit in awe of this incredible woman.

“There is so much pain and suffering in this world and I would like to magically change pain to peace and love, ‘’ she said.

With such enchanting ideologies, Mona continues to win the hearts of people around her.

Nitika Sharma
Freelance Writer/ Blogger/ Content Strategist


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