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Expressing himself through different art forms has been Harish’s endeavor for three decades. He carved his niche as a bilingual broadcaster at All India Radio Delhi in early 1990s. Soon it led him becoming a voice artist for dramas and plays. With expertise in diction, tone and dialogue delivery, doors opened in the world of stage and theatre. Three years with Barry John’s IMAGO theatre group in Delhi polished his acting skills, but under the wings of this maestro Harish realized his strength lied in writing and story telling. Masters in English Literature and passion for Hindi language gave him the freedom to express himself in both languages. He has been writing poetry, plays and short stories for many years and continues to do so till date. His poems have been part of many anthologies published all over the world. Harish migrated to Canada about a decade ago, but his journey of self discovery is still on. Hindi Literary Society of Canada B.C. released his first book in Surrey in 2017, a collection of short stories titled ‘Harf Adhure’ meaning Incomplete Words. He received many accolades for his style of writing and choice of words, but more importantly for writing and promoting Hindi language while living in Canada. The release was widely covered by media. Soon Harish was invited by HLSOC to become a member, then a Director and now has been appointed as the President of this prestigious Society promoting South Asian Language and Literature amongst the Indian diaspora in North America.

Recently Harish wrote the screenplay, produced and directed his first short film ‘The Lounge’ being showcased and receiving accolades in International Film Festivals across the globe. Made under the banner of Masand Productions this film has won 14 International awards & nominations. His profile on FilmFreeway with winning laurels as Screenplay Writer and Director has been noticed and he has been offered to work with ‘Lonely Wolf International Films’ in England. During his visit to India last month, Harish was approached by Mr. Prakash Bhardwaj from Mumbai Film Industry to explore the possibilities of working together. Mr. Bhardwaj has been working with Mr. Aamir Khan for 15 years as his dialogue coach. Mr. Bhardwaj also runs his acting and dialogue training classes in Mumbai.

For the immense success of his maiden film ‘The Lounge’, Harish gives full credit to his team and family, specially his wife Anupa Masand who believed in and supported his vision. His cast includes Jayesh Kodwani, Andy Kalirai, Chhavi Disawar, Nutan Thakur and Melanie Chevrier to name a few. He believes one doesn’t have to create stories, they are all around us, we just have to spot them and weave them in words. He is now preparing for his second film in Vancouver which is going to address the issue of intercultural integration and the challenges faced by the new immigrants, particularly the children. He strongly believes in promoting our local talent and soon will start auditioning for the roles. His team is in place and gearing up for the next venture.

Harish Masand

Contact: 1-604-537-2538


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