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    Our Journey

    South Asian Entertainment , a leading South Asian lifestyle magazine in Canada, was established in 2015 by Ansal Media Group Inc. The publication embodies the essence and lifestyle of today's younger generation, staying current with evolving styles, trends, fashion, beauty, and fitness. It consistently aims to enhance its content with progressive and relevant material, blending traditional and avant-garde design elements to offer readers the best of both worlds. Featuring a diverse range of South Asian talents, South Asian Entertainment Magazine covers high achievers and everyday individuals with integrity across various fields such as fashion, business, sports, bollywood, automotive, and travel. With a focus on fashion, personal style, community issues, and broader Canadian society topics, this monthly magazine provides valuable insights. South Asian Entertainment magazine has been a trailblazer in modern South Asian fashion portrayal, showcasing exclusive and uniquely executed photo shoots. As an iconic representation of the South Asian lifestyle, South Asian Entertainment Magazine is dedicated to inspiring its readers.

    Our Journey Celebrating Lifestyle

    The goal of South Asian Entertainment Magazine is to portray the experiences of South Asians worldwide through acclaimed coverage of individuals, locations, adventures, discoveries, cuisine, health and fitness, trends, and events that shape the South Asian way of life. South Asian Entertainment Magazine, serves as a cultural gauge for the South Asian community, reflecting the broader context of our world—our fashion, lifestyle, social interactions; our culinary preferences, music choices, reading materials, viewing habits; the individuals who lead and inspire us. From entertainment to global issues, business to fashion, design to society, South Asian Magazine acts as a cultural instigator—a publication that stimulates and propels discussions within the South Asian community. Through a distinctive blend of photography, in-depth reporting, and social critique, South Asian Magazine brings ideas and images to the forefront. The core of South Asian Magazine lies in its dedication to long-form, literary journalism and narrative storytelling. By merging investigative reporting with our renowned wit and irreverence, our narratives have the ability to captivate, motivate—and even transform the lives—of our readers. This is one reason why South Asian Entertainment Magazine readers engage with our magazine more extensively than with nearly any other publication. Each edition of South Asian Entertainment Magazine serves as the essential guide for embracing the ultimate South Asian lifestyle. We enrich our magaz ine with valuable reader services, encompassing everything from health and nutrition tips to the latest travel destinations, reviews of premier global locations, and the most current fashion trends.