Dr. Avi Verma honors father’s legacy by funding computer lab in Punjab School


since 2003 Dr. Avi Verma’s JagranTV is not only connecting the people worldwide with its religious and devotional programs, it is also working to uplift the marginal classes by doing a lot of welfare work.

The computer lab is only the first of many significant steps Dr. Verma plans to take towards achieving that goal, for his commitment to education extends beyond just the computer lab. He is also promoting scholarships for bright students across different regional schools and colleges. He aims to provide better education to those who cannot afford it due to financial constraints.

Late. Principal B.R. Verma

Dr. Avi Verma expressed his deep attachment to the school, where his father had been principal for almost two decades. For this reason and to honour the school and his father’s legacy, Dr. Verma has always sought ways to give back.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by school staff, students, and local officials, who all expressed gratitude to Dr. Verma for his generosity and dedication to education. The computer lab is a fitting tribute to the legacy of Principal B.R. Verma and a testament to the power of education to transform lives. Project was completed under the supervision of Dr. Verma’s younger brother Retd Principal Dr. Virender Verma. The inaugural ceremony was well attended by Principal B. R. Verma’s children.


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