International South Asian Film Festival unveils pre-launch event in Downtown Vancouver

    Team iSAFF team orchestrated an outstanding pre-launch event in Downtown Vancouver on August 3rd, 2023. This significant gathering saw the coming together of esteemed sponsors, talented filmmakers, industry insiders, and media representatives, all convening to witness the grand unveiling of the festival’s poster and its resounding theme: “Pathbreakers.”

    Against the backdrop of Downtown Vancouver’s bustling landscape, iSAFF’s pre-launch event illuminated the arena with a purposeful artistic vision and a firm commitment to celebrating diverse cultures. The revelation of the official poster and the theme “Pathbreakers” highlighted the festival’s dedication to spotlighting groundbreaking stories that challenge conventions and chart new territories.

    For countless years, iSAFF, previously known as (VISAFF) has consistently showcased its expertise in bringing forth exclusive films, acclaimed artists, and visionary industry leaders South Asian, Canada, and beyond. The festival has cemented its reputation as a cutting edge platform that curates stories resonating with diverse communities, exceeding the boundaries of traditional cinema.

    The upcoming version of iSAFF promises a collection of thought-provoking films, engaging workshops, and captivating entertainment. Envisioned as a platform to foster dialogue, appreciation, and cultural understanding, the festival’s emphasis on “Pathbreakers” stands as a testament to its commitment to showcasing narratives that forge new paths and inspire change.

    As anticipation builds in anticipation of the main event, iSAFF extends a cordial invitation to all, encouraging them to embark on a captivating journey.

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