Why healthy relationships are so important


Consequently, there are many ways in which healthy relationships with our parents, spouses, siblings help us grow and sustain ourselves. These involve making time for each other, remembering details about each other’s lives, and sharing without fear of judgement.

Here are some reasons why it is crucial to have healthy relationships in your life.

1. You heal better

Healthy relationships provide the emotional support one needs to make it out of chronic illness and recovering from surgery or other procedures. Studies show that people with a partner or spouse are much more likely to heal after procedures like heart surgery, as well as live longer with chronic illness. This isn’t only due to the physical care they get, but because of the emotional support they receive in the form of motivation and encouragement.

2. You act healthier overall

People who care about you and express these feelings actively and healthily encourage you to be healthier. This may be by adopting a better lifestyle, eating better and exercising more often, and practicing mindfulness and gratefulness. The best example of this is how our mothers taught us healthier habits for life.

3. You have a sense of purpose

Feeling lonely, dejected, unwanted are all signs of lack of a purpose. Such a mindset can be incredibly damning, but healthy relationships remind one that they are needed and appreciated. This leads to a sense of purpose and reminds you that you belong in a world. Studies suggest that a greater sense of purpose can improve longevity as well.

4. You stress less

With healthy relationships around them, we are less likely to stress over things, as our friends and family remind us of how fickle these are, and we always survive the worst. Moreover, healthy relationships actually reduce the production of cortisol in one’s body. Cortisol is a stress hormone, and its decrease reduces how much stress a person experiences due to external factors.

5. You live longer

Studies have revealed that people with healthy relationships in their life live longer than those who do not. The impact of not having healthy and sustainable relationships has even been compared to smoking thirteen cigarettes a day! This is due to the reduced stress, the improvement in one’s lifestyle, the emotional and spiritual support people receive due to healthy relationships, and more.

Relationships with other individuals are what keep us alive and grounded. Human beings are social creatures, and to crave company is not only normal, it is also important for our physiological and mental well being. The lack of relationships that allow us to communicate, vent, listen, trust and respect, and share mutually threaten our sanity and stability can be depressing.

A bane of the present generation is the glorification of living and surviving alone; no human being can live by themselves without healthy associations with other people. This attitude is not only unhealthy, it is dangerous. Healthy relationships are important for all of us, and we should strive to build more of them with our families and friends.

Ritika Tiwari
Freelance Writer/ Blogger/ Content Strategist


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