Why constant upskilling is necessary for your career


Upskilling means to acquire new skills, learn new technology and fundae, and advance on a personal level by acquiring knowledge. Upskilling is the process of continuous learning which helps one adapt to the changing environment and perform the tasks they have much experience with even better.

Upskilling involves undertaking training, reading fresh data and trends of the market and industry, and getting hands on with the latest technology as soon as it comes into the picture.

While it is a task that requires effort and might seem like too much to work on initially, the benefits one reeps from it are endless. Let us go over why constant upskilling is necessary for anyone’s career.

1. It helps you digitally transform your workspace Once upon a time, basic tasks such as data entry and simple computing would take several hours. We have moved on into a world where we cannot imagine spending more than ten minutes on something as simple as these tasks, thanks to the exponential ways in which technology has transformed our work space. Similarly, upskilling enables one to acquire new digital skills to make their everyday tasks much easier and faster, freeing up time for other tasks- personal and professional.

2. It helps you adapt to the cultural shift It is important to stay aware of cultural changes that take over any field of work. The next generation follows the generational trends just like the previous ones have: they are fast paced, rely heavily on the tech of their times, and know hacks to get things done faster.

This is a shift in the way people work as their desire for a more fulfilling personal life is much higher. In such a space, to collaborate effectively with others, it is important to know their culture, and upskilling enables one to relate and prepare for exactly that.

3. It reminds you that you need a global perspective Upskilling is a global phenomenon which requires people from across the world to increase their productivity and productive capacity relative to how the rest of the world is performing.

This shifts parameters of com parison from domestic to international, which means innovation is measured in terms of its global value. This sets in a mindset of growth that isn’t limited to growth within spaces and states but is focused on the entire world.

4. It helps you advance in your career faster than anticipated No longer are we in a world where promotions require a stipulated number of years in a company or working in a given vertical. Acquiring skills is not related to how much time one spends doing the same thing, instead it is about how many things one does and how many hacks they find to save resources.

Hence, upskilling enables one to grow in their career outside of the outdated parameters of judgement for growth, letting people progress several rungs ahead in a very short period of time.

Final Words

Upskilling is such an important task in the ever evolving world that in Singapore it is a national interest initiative. Upskilling is not a simple concept, neither is it the same for every vertical. It requires one to understand and show awareness of where their industry is progressing so that they can be on top of what is still to come.

It is a space that requires agility and drive, and for those who are willing to go one step further and attempt the life-long-learning lifestyle, upskilling is nothing but an avenue to confront endless growth, personal and professional, through not only their career but also through life.

Ritika Tiwari
Freelance Writer/ Blogger/ Content Strategist



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