Ways to celebrate Christmas with your little ones!


The cold breeze, the chilly mornings, the freezing nights, the bright shining moon, and the morning fog all indicate one thing – Christmas is here! This certainly is a much-awaited time for most because of all the celebrations that will take place.

If you have a kid and haven’t thought of his participation in your celebrations, think again – you could be missing an opportunity to make this Christmas celebration memorable for both him and you! Celebrating Christmas with your kids is a great chance for you to spend quality time with them. But to make this an unforgettable time of togetherness, here are some tips on things to do with kids for Christmas:

Make your child write a letter to Santa

Santa Claus is the first thing children remember (and love) about Christmas. Instead of going and buying presents for your little one every year, why not make him take that extra effort and talk to Santa himself? Encourage your little one to write a letter to Santa, suggesting what he would like this year. Make sure he decorates it with all his favorite things. Then, you can help him with Santa’s “address”, and mail it off to him! This activity will also make for a great keepsake – when he grows up, you can show him these letters and reminisce!

Have a storytelling session

Christmas is a magical time, and what makes it better is the beautiful stories around the holiday. Snuggle up under a warm blanket with some hot chocolate and narrate some Christmas stories to your child.

Do this at bedtime – preferably on Christmas eve – so that your child wakes up in a festive mood on the big day!

Have a Christmas movie marathon

Even better than Christmas stories is holiday movies – this is one of the most fun things to do with kids for Christmas and can develop into a family tradition.

On Christmas day, you can huddle up with your entire family and watch happy Christmas movies for kids. Your child will love this tradition and will look forward to it every year.

Go on a donation drive

Christmas is a season of joy, but it is also the season of giving. This is one of the best family things to do on Christmas – it can even become a yearly tradition in your family!

Take your child’s old toys and clothes and donate them to the shelter closest to you. You can do the same for your own belongings as well – someone out there will thank you for it. Not to mention, this can teach your kid the value of being kind and giving more than taking.

Make Christmas crafts together

Christmas is all about enjoying the day to the fullest. What can be better than decorating the house and X-mas tree with handmade crafts especially, made by your little munchkins?

If you are hosting a Christmas party at your home, then it would be the perfect excuse to engage your kids in art and craft activities as well as decorate the house with beautiful crafts.

Sing Christmas carols

It is good to have a Christmas tradition, whether it is decorating cookies or singing Christmas carols. It teaches kids about togetherness and creates happy memories.

You can practice with your kids before Christmas and on the day of Christmas huddle around the tree, piano, or the stereo, and sing carols.

With inputs from: FirstCry Parenting


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