W for Women, Workout, and Wellbeing!

    Mothers are the epitome of unconditional love, care, and support.

    Their kind nurturing and constant guidance helps us understand right from wrong and gives us the strength to take on the world. However, for a woman, the transition to motherhood is associated with declines in physical activity since they are constantly juggling between a million tasks. This decline in the levels of physical activity is usually seen in most working mothers, since they have to balance the competing interests of work and family life. Ultimately, exercise often takes a backseat to more seemingly pressing concerns.

    A mother’s fitness is crucial!

    It is essential to know that the importance of a mother’s fitness in a family is multifaceted and plays a crucial role in the overall well-being of the family. Physical fitness ensures that mothers have the stamina and energy required to manage the diverse responsibilities of running a household, taking care of children, and participating in various family activities. The importance of a mother’s fitness in an family cannot be overstated. It not only contributes to her personal well-being but also has far-reaching positive effects on the entire family, influencing both physical and emotional aspects of family life.

    While your workouts help burn away the calories, it is important to keep in mind the choices you make with your food and the detrimental effects that bad nutritional choices can have on the body in the years to come.

    Conscious efforts towards mental health

    Most women these days have consciously started paying more attention to not just their physical health but mental health as well. Just like we follow a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine for physical fitness we need to have a healthy mental diet of positive thoughts, emotions and regular breathing exercise to ensure mental wellbeing.

    The truth is that our body and mind are not separate identities, they are one. Our mind is our subtle self while our bodies are the gross self. So make sure to take right care for both these important pillars of your identity.

    Here are some simple points to keep in mind for overall well being:

    Engage in resistance training

    Resistance training or weight training can help women improve their physical appearance, increase their muscle mass, and improve their overall strength. In addition, it can boost their metabolism, which can help them burn fat and maintain a healthy weight.

    Eat your proteins and iron rich food

    Protein is not just for those who want to build muscle. It is a necessary macronutrient which is important for the body to recover well and keep your muscles and joints strong. Foods high in protein include lean meats, fish, eggs, dairy, beans, and nuts. It is also completely okay to include whey protein supplements if you are not able to meet your protein requirements through a regular diet.

    Additionally, a woman must consume foods rich in Iron. Iron is essential for women’s health, as women lose iron during menstruation. Iron-rich foods include red meat, poultry, fish, beans, lentils, spinach, and fortified cereals.

    Get regular health screenings

    Regular health screenings are crucial for women’s health. Women should get regular checkups and screenings for conditions such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, and osteoporosis. Women should also get regular cholesterol and blood pressure checks, and other recommended screenings based on age and personal risk factors.

    It’s okay to workout during your periods

    Contrary to popular belief, women do not necessarily have to skip exercise due to their menstrual cycle, although it is important to be aware of how to approach training around your time of the month. Higher intensity exercises can be performed during your follicular phase and you can reduce the intensity as the peak of the luteal phase arrives. Exercise has also shown to relieve certain PMS symptoms like cramps. This could however be subjective to each one.

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