Valentino carves a niche in the automotive industry


For some people, a job chooses them. Qualifications, education, and everything else needed to make a mark in the world falls into place itself. A cherished treasure of Brian Jessel BMW, Valentino Almeida (VIP Sales Manager) belongs to that tiny lot of lucky people.

Known for its thousands of loyal customers, committed staff, and thriving sales, service and pre-owned departments, Brian Jessel BMW is the most prime dealer in Canada for the last 17 years. They believe in giving the best services to their customers and continue to do to this day.

The VIP Sales Manager at Brian Jessel BMW, Valentino never trained to become a sales professional but surprisingly is prospering as one since the last 25 years. Passionate about what he does, he feels the best part of his job is to make sure he sells a customer the right vehicle that fits their needs.

Hailing from Mumbai and completing his Bachelor’s in Science, he got a break to work for General Motors in the Middle East after he graduated. Later, he migrated to Canada in 1995. He has never looked back ever since. With his determination to succeed, coupled with his passion, he has been building the life of his dreams. He also acknowledges the fact that “working for Brian Jessel has been very rewarding right from the first year of my professional career in Canada”.

A passionate musician, he loves music and likes to play instruments during his free time. Valentino has also made his mark in the world of automobile by achieving the prestigious Gold Master Status from 1996. He then worked his way up to be the Number 1 Sales Person for BMW Canada.

Talking about how Brian Jessel tries to make the experience worthy for a customer, he says “at Brian Jessel, it’s all a team effort that makes a person’s experience worthwhile. We make sure it all goes very smoothly from the time a customer walks in, right up to delivery of the new car. We also believe our work never ends at the sale. For us, the relationship starts from then on. We provide the best after sale services in the region”.

He loves what he does and is a great team player. He believes it’s the ‘Brian Jessel culture’ that sets them apart from the rest of the competitors in the market.

He can be reached at:

Phone: 6043071965


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