The hottest winter fashion trends from head to toe


As the runways have revealed the best of fashion, the hottest winter trends are quickly making their way to racks and hangers at stores. To make the best choices and pick out the hottest trends of this season, here is a guide to tell you what is ruling the world of fashion in the fall and winter of 2022-23.

1. Puff up those shoulders Puffed powder shoulders and sleeves that are bold and extravagant reel in an element of confidence that you can never say no to. This trend can be embraced in any way, on shirts, dresses, or on statement making blazers and jackets. Try this trend with some bright colors, especially bright yellow, which was also a hit this season.

2. The bigger the bag, the better Thanks to the popularity of tote bags in the last couple of years, the favored types of bags are shifting from the smaller ones to big bags. These range from jumbo size hand bags to huge totes to also gym style duffel bags. Find the best match to your outfit and get strutting.

3. Show some skin (on the ankles) As the days and nights get colder, we often cover ourselves completely from head to toe, and for the right reasons. But the catwalks have inspired all of us to show some ankles by wearing hemlines on outfits, ranging from skirts to pants. This creates a very graceful and elegant look, and you have to try it for your next dinner party!

4. Cosy up with the capes The retro vibe in latest trends has been undeniable, and this trend plays on the vintage vibe heavily by introducing rug like capes that keep you warm while giving your body a unique silhouette of straight lines. If you are looking for a new coat this season, our recommendation would be to switch to a cape altogether.

5. Need more neutrals Neutral colors like beige, nude, mild browns, and all their stunning varied shades are once again the talk of the town: but to do it right there is a catch. To do the neutral look, you have to commit to it entirely and only wear shades of neutral beige. So, have some fun and play around with different shades and tints of the same color.

6. Sequins in the sequence This is no boring fall, and to match the heat you better line up some sequin-studded attires in your rotation. The runways showed us the way and now the streets have caught up, sequins are the best way to brighten up the winters that can sometimes get lazy and boring. Jazz up simple outfits with a statement piece full of shiny sequins, or find yourself a bold showstopper piece.

7. Hotter with the headgear Hats and caps and scarves are all mandatory to finish your look this season because balance is key, and your look should be well put together and coordinated from head to toe. You can either go the basic chic route and coordinate your headgear, and if you want to be experimental you can make it the statement piece of your look.

While the trends are always here to guide you, fashion is always personal and intuitive. Jazz up every trend with your personal style, and always express yourself with your clothing choices.

Ritika Tiwari
Freelance Writer/ Blogger/ Content Strategist



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