The Art & Science of Maintaining Healthy Relationship


Me & Malkin are Married for over 31 years, I will share some of the wisdom from my experiences

1) The first & foremost requirement is Healthy Communication Spend at least 30 minutes in morning & 30 minutes in Evening, more is even better Talk about your feelings, Admire your partner & Plan the day effectively Each partner has a unique talent, explore it & make provision to expand it. I am fully in terms of Women’s Equality/ Rights, but there are some jobs which women do Very well & some men do very well, Do not compete but divide the work load Sweet talk / Speech, Light in the eyes & Smile is essential

2) Bring the divinity / Spiritualty in to ones relationship, this way there is a Fulcrum or check. Point,When trouble arises refer to the Spiritual Source, we being SIKHS have surrendered.

Our selves to Guru Granth Sahib Ji, GU Means Darkness RU Means Light, our Guru gives us the Light to walk the path & see each other deeper than the Shell ( Body ).

Let me give you a scenario, If I take needle & Thread to sow 2 bodies side by side, the union Will not last for long, this will be impractical in terms of going to bed,work,washroom etc. We will be like Siamese individuals. But we can sew our minds & soul together. This inner blending or merger makes the relationship Rock Solid Ignore the Negatives in your partner & cultivate the Goodnees / Positivity. The body will Age with time, but the soul is Age less Say at least few words of Love,Mohabbat, Ishq in Ustat of your partner.

3) Have Affection for your Partner , As I mentioned Affection / Longing is more important than Perfection. Express your love & care in a Royal / Devine manner. Have few Short Vacations Every year, go to new places, explore new adventures together. There would be times when One has to Compromise , shed your Ego, be Kind, be Human.

I will give you another Scenario What ever you give to the women,she will multiply it several folds & give it back to you If you give her love,she will love you more, If you give her bad words, She will make Your Life hell,If you give her a Sperm,She will make a Baby for you,She is More Talented And Gifted,but Men has to Realize it. A good relationship gets excellent during Crisis.

Time, wether be physical,Financial, Emotional. Hang in there,care for your partner You are adding Glue / Fevicol to your relationship.

4) I view my self in my partner ( Malkin ) and she views herself in me.This way there is No Room for Conflict, while we are heading to the higher stages of ISHQ, we should be Committed to even sacrifice ourselves for the other, this is True Love.

I asked Dalai Lama and he replied “ Love is absence of Judgement “ Now in this phase We have risen above the mind & perceiving just Pure Un Conditional Love.

Just like we work 8 hours a day to earn money, Relationship needs Time, Affection, Love, Caring, Nurturing,Forgivenesses, Sacrifice, Divinity & Grace. Go indulge in Pure love, the Longing for the Soul.



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