Steps with Saheli Walk


About the Saheli Foundation:

Charitable, non-profit organization established in July, 2016


To empower young minds and help them achieve their full potential.

Our Volunteers:

We are proud to have volunteers from 4 generations of women. Our team is comprised of experienced moms wanting to do something meaningful with their time, , capable, well educated young women including doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc, our elders that provide their services by knitting scarves that are sold to raise money for the organization and last but not least 5-6 year olds that take pride in helping out. We also have a number of young men who love what we do and come out to help. Our volunteers strive to be great role models for the youth in our community and hope to encourage them to give back.

Our Programs:

Working with the Surrey School Board we identify families in need for.

Annual Back Pack Program:

We provide back packs filled with all necessary school supplies to underprivileged children. We work in conjunction with Staples for this program.

Grocery Delivery Program:

We have taken on 6 families with challenging circumstances and have been providing groceries for them for the past year. (Children can only reach their full potential if they have a full stomach.) Save-On Foods does the deliveries for free for us. We hope to increase the number of families this year. New Programs Under Development: We hope to not only make these programs bigger but to add on more programs in the near future.

Our upcoming events bit with the following

The Saheli Foundation held their very first Steps with Saheli event at Bear Creek Park on October 23, 2016. They had a great turn out and everyone was in high spirits. The walkers participated in a group warm up before challenging themselves to a 5 km walk/run through the trails of Bear Creek. All funds raised will help to expand and strengthen our Back Pack and Grocery Program.

All funds raised will go towards supporting our Annual Back Pack Program and our ongoing Grocery Delivery Program to underprivileged families. We will also be adding more programs to our umbrella