Motivation is the force that helps us achieve our goals and keeps us afloat even hard times. In this article, we will be discussing what motivation is and how it works.

Each one of us has some goals in life that we want to achieve. While some of those goals might be easy to achieve, others can be difficult, yet life defining. Though, it’s important to always remember that embracing struggles that come along our way and overcoming them is the only way to succeed in life.

What is motivation?
Motivation is the reason behind people’s goals and actions. It is an internal phenomenon that makes us behave or act in a particular way. It is about the unmet needs that we need to satisfy and the goals that we want to fulfil in our lives.
Whether you are doing a simple household chore or making a big life change, all of those movements are made by us for a reason. We do them because those actions allow us to fulfil something that we value. Motivation pushes us to go from the start of the line to the finish. The satisfaction and content that follows after finishing all these tasks empower us to keep moving forward.
How does motivation work?
Motivation is a driving force — It all begins with finding the right source. Also, motivation can be intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation roots from achieving a personal goal that gives you intense satisfaction. For example, buying a laptop or the latest mobile phone that hit the market. Extrinsic motivation comes from a source that helps you move to a higher level and get admiration from people around you. For instance, if your professor has given a difficult task at college and you complete it correctly to get extra credits.
Here are some ways to keep yourself always motivated:
1. Set smaller goals
Break your long-term goals into several small sub-goals, so that every time you achieve a goal you are excited and motivated to move forward to the next one until you achieve the final goal.
For instance, if you want to buy a house in the next five years, create short-term money saving goals. You can save $500 every month instead of setting a goal to save $6,000 in the entire year, which sounds more difficult to achieve.
2. Follow a motivating mantra
Create a short mantra to keep yourself going. Every morning after waking up and every night before going to bed, look in in the mirror and recite the mantra loudly to yourself. It can be something as simple as — “I am strong and I am going to accomplish all my goals.” This will help you stay motivated and start your day on the right note.
3. Routine and rituals
Set a routine for all five days of the week and relax during the weekends without any fixed schedule. If yoga relaxes you, start your day with it and follow it with a healthy, omega-3 and protein-rich breakfast. End your day by reading a book or listening to calming music to get a good night’s sleep. After all, when your mind is relaxed, you feel more motivated and confident in achieving your goals.
4. Cut yourself some slack
If you can’t get ahead of an obstacle, it is okay to take a step back and rework things. By accepting your shortcomings and fears, you are giving yourself a chance to move ahead. If things aren’t working out as planned, take a few days off to clear the mind only to return feeling recharged and rejuvenated.
Practising these habits daily will get you through all difficult times and always keep you motivated to achieve your goals..

Ritika Tiwari
Freelance Writer/ Blogger/ Content Strategist


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