Mini Soddy Finding a better life through immigration

    Founder of Yahowa Canadian Immigration Incorporated, Mini Soddy is an accomplished and trusted Immigration Consultant.

    Born in India, Mini migrated to Canada in the early 1990s and completed her education in Vancouver, BC. Mini’s familiarity with both the Canadian and Indian cultures gave her a unique perspective on immigration and how it can unite people from different backgrounds.

    Her ambitious, yet compassionate nature led her to a career in aviation, where she would prove to be a valuable and dedicated employee for over 22 years. While she gained the knowledge and skill set of the demands of the aviation industry, her husband, Jinder Rai, had established his own transportation company. Mini assisted Jinder in the day to day operations of his transportation company, and realized her potential to further the company with her experience in supply chain, operational and people management skills.

    The transition from aviation to transportation was a natural fit as both are related industries and involve working alongside people from all socioeconomic backgrounds, and ethnicities. Mini, with the unwavering support of her husband Jinder, founded Yahowa Canadian Immigration Incorporated in 2020.

    In addition to being a tenacious businesswoman, Mini’s philanthropic endeavors are equally as impressive. Since her teenage years, Mini has made it her personal mandate to always help those who are less fortunate. Mini volunteered with the Surrey Food Bank for five years before starting her own lunch distribution to the homeless at The Salvation Army in New Westminster, BC. She regularly supports various charities in the Lower Mainland. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she and her team provided lunch to the Surrey Memorial Hospital staff on a consistent basis. Monthly, Mini and her team prepare lunch at The Oppenheimer Park Kitchen in Vancouver, BC. serving fresh, nutritious and delicious meals to over two hundred homeless people on the Downtown East Side.

    At Yahowa Immigration, Mini represents clients in all types of immigration matters both inside and outside of Canada. Mini holds the designations of: International Recruiters License and Commissioner for Taking Affidavits . As an Immigration Consultant, Mini reviews immigration options with clients and helps them to determine the best course of action in each individual case and offers sound legal advice. She assists in the process for people seeking Canadian Immigration. Mini has helped hundreds of families settle in Canada. With ethics at the forefront of her business she makes consumer protection top priority. She values the legal system of Canada and practices integrity and accountability to all her clients. Treating each client with care and compassion, has resulted in a trusted client base of repeat referrals.

    “I treat every client as though they were family; they put their trust in me, and I help them achieve their immigration needs, says Mini.”

    Contact information:

    Ph: 604-330-3330

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