Our subconscious mind has enormous healing powers because it controls all systems of our body. We believe we have control over our well being by taking good diet and required medicines. But, for a perfect healthy living and healing ourselves from diseases the power of our subconscious mind plays a major role.

It has been proved that almost all major health challenges are caused by stressful lifestyle of us. Disease is actually a combination of words Dis & ease, which clearly means a state of mind which is not at ease or not relaxed. Various studies on patients show that patients with calm and positive mind-sets get cured quicker than patients with fearful mindsets. Our wellness is first created inside our mind, and that will replicate outside of the body. Many of us might have noticed that half of our illness is healed once we meet our doctor, the rest is healed through the medicines that doctor prescribes. This is the truth that our mind accepts, also the faith we have for the doctor and his treatment helps us recover quickly.

Your Physiology = Your State of Mind

Let us understand above equation. It means our physiology has a direct correlation with our state of mind. Let us say we are feeling mentally down or low because of some situation, all we need to do is move our body or do something. For example, take a little walk or do some exercise, maybe water plants in your backyard or do any kind of physical activity. You will notice by bringing your body in action, your mood changes quickly, your feelings are not the same, you will definitely feel a good change in your state of mind.

Similarly on the other hand let us say you are feeling physically down or have low energy, all you need to do is lift yourself mentally by listening to your favorite song or music, watch a motivating video, read a book that inspires you, or call a supportive friend. This will make you feel a lot better and your body will become active and ready to take some action. This means in above equation if you lift one component other component is automatically lifted. Understanding this equation should help us to take care of physiology and state of mind.

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle we need to watch both sides of the equation and keep lifting ourselves by working either side of equation. This will also help to keep you in positive state of mind. It has been proved that people with positive attitudes live healthier and longer lives that people with negative attitudes towards life. So in order to enjoy a healthier life we need to nourish our mind regularly by meditation, exercise, yoga, engaging in hobbies, laugh a lot, play a sport, do volunteering or do what makes you happy.

My mother and grandmother enjoy a very healthy living style by taking good care of their minds. At 95 years of her age my grandmother walks faster than my mom. Both of them never miss their early morning meditation hours. About 5 years back my mother got both her knees replaced at the same time. The doctors were surprised to see how quickly she recovered and started living her normal life. During her recovery days, I kept her motivated every day by keeping calm and not talking much about her pain. I gave her pen and paper to write all the stuff she will do after recovery, and made her visualize those activities.

We read numerous examples of cancer survivors who made miraculous recoveries with their internal strength and optimistic attitude. We also read and heard stories about people who controlled their deaths by the power of their minds. On the other hand we also know people who invited untimely deaths by holding thoughts of death in their minds. I read a story of a mom who was praying for the recovery of her son. She said “Hey god please add my years of life to my son’s life, and heal him.” It was said that the son recovered from his fatal surgery but, the next day, that mom passed away. This is an example of programming your subconscious mind the wrong way.

Tips for Quicker Healing

1. Write down with your own hand, all the activities you will do after your recovery.

2. Put pictures on your wall, doing all the actives when you enjoyed perfect health.

3. Visualize yourself doing all the activities you would do when you’re in perfect health.

4. Do relaxation or meditation on a daily basis and visualize your perfect body in the alpha state.

5. Avoid watching the news, reading the newspapers, or listening news on the radio.

6. Do not talk about pain or tell stories about your bad health.

7. Engage yourself with activities which make you feel happy, like your hobbies, watch comedy movies.

Each one of you has a substantial amount of power within you to heal yourself. You should know how to scientifically use the power within you. If you don’t want to heal any particular disease or problem, you can apply the powers of your subconscious mind to keep your body healthy. Your subconscious mind is a faithful servant, it only follows the pattern of our thoughts and images that you hold. It never argues, it only accepts your commands. It accepts what you believe as the truth and manifests it according to those beliefs. Remember, your mind can be your best ally, or your worst enemy. It all depends how you want to use it.

Navtej Khela
Realtor and Mind Power Trainer


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