Meet the man behind – JC Optical and Hearing

    With a belief in the quote, “Giving up is way harder than trying” and a strong will, Jason Cheema, the owner of JC Optical and Hearing took a big leap in a foreign land almost two decades back. His kindness, willingness to help others and work with multiple communities made him what he is today.

    When he obtained his optician’s license in 2005, Jason already knew he wanted to open his store. But he always thought about distinction. “There were so many opticians all around so why would someone choose me?” he wondered. Then a colleague told him about a hearing aid practitioner program. He decided to enroll in the program so that he could get his license and could offer both the services to his clients.

    In 2015, he founded JC Optical and Hearing in Surrey. Offering both services increased traffic in the store. The idea worked wonders and some people who would only purchase opticals became hearing aid clients and vice versa. Also, the people who came in for vision care regularly recommended and referred other people for hearing aids and services.

    The store advertises both the services offered to clients. They provide customers with complete optical and aural health care examinations to better assess their hearing and vision. With a clinic in the heart of Surrey, British Columbia, they cater to the customer’s needs with friendly service, affordable prices and high-quality glasses from brands like Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Bvlgari and more.

    They also offer comprehensive eye exams, contact lenses, prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses, hearing tests as well as hearing aids. They also organize cross-promotions, such as offering a free frame with the purchase of a hearing aid.

    With an ever growing market, staying up to date with educational training, attending seminars, conferences along with strong connections with colleagues has helped him stay aligned with the latest trends in the market. He says being a good listener and gaining all sorts of knowledge about his field of work has helped him throughout his career.

    Cheema also has ambitions for the future of his practice. He has already opened new offices in Langley and Abbotsford. He also expanded his clinic in Surrey in 2022. “The goal is to have 10 locations within 3 years,” says Cheema. His business has been awarded the best optical and hearing clinic multiple times in Surrey and he gives the credit to his never say no attitude and his amazing team members. “I believe in a team approach and work hand in hand with my employees. We all work together and in case there are some hard decisions to make, I always have their back,” he added.

    To fulfil their social responsibility, JC Optical and Hearing also supports multiple community projects and events such as the local field hockey league, teaching optical students, contributing to local food banks and donating their time to local youth groups. On the family front, he says “I have a good support system at home with my wife always being there to help and assist even with business chores. I also have reliable employees who allow me to take time off whenever needed.”

    Outside of work Jason indulges in playing field hockey, traveling, and spending time with his family.

    By: Nikita Sharma

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