May be a father is a poor man all through his life but a father will try to work to exhaustion to give his children every richness of the world possible.

His intentions are beyond an iota of doubt. A father is a person who brings all the comfort, pleasure and money for all the activities of daily living (ADL) to his children by working very hard and teaching every beautiful thing of the world so as to hammer out, as you grow up, the best human being out of your personality. A father is in his happiest state of mind when he watches his son/daughter growing as responsible as he has always wanted. A father never feel defeated when he experience tat his son is outsmarting him in any walk of life.

Fathers’ Day in Canada:

Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide to appreciate the contribution that fathers and father figures make to the lives of their dear children. This day applauds fatherhood and male parenting. Although it is celebrated on a variety of dates worldwide, many countries observe this day on the third Sunday in June including Canada. Father’s Day is celebrating its 18th anniversary this year on June 17, in Canada.

A Father always expects from his children ut infra:

Be nice to Others: A father always wants his children to behave very well with others because that is the reflection of how a person has been brought up. Being good to everyone will surely make your father be at cloud nine and feel satisfied.

Deal elders with courtesy:

Every father wants that his children know how to behave in a courteous way with people elder to them. And, if you can make your elders feel nice and comfortable with your behavior then your father is undoubtedly going to feel proud of you.

Manage things the way your father used to do:

All your childhood you have seen your father managing every occasion in the best sensible way and he must have expected his children to be good at managing life ,by involving his spouse in the most efficient way. Learn from the mistakes your father did. Learn from bad decisions he made. Do not vicariously criticize him unequivocally, as may be, those decisions were taken in the corridor of uncertainly. It hurts a father when the kids squarely blames him.

Balance parents, work and Family:

Our main goal , in this world, is to be in a state of selfactualization i.e. to be blissfully happy and in fact everything that we do is just to make ourselves happy. A father has always maintain a kind of soothing balance between work and family and he would be a proud father if you can prove to be a chip of the old block.

AS I compose myself to
pen this article, being a very
emotional subject, I could not
help rummaging through my
tween years when my reverend
father took initial control of me to
understand the nuances of mother
tongue i.e. Punjabi and inculcate
in me the good daily habits –
along with my mum – which are
the sheer basis of my personality
even now. Whatever I am today, I
owe my living to my parents. The
best Thank You, we can give to our
dads on Fathers’ Day is to make
them feel proud of you by virtue of
your commendable deeds. A father
does not like that any one beat him
by being better, but rejoices when
his own children do better than him
as likes to be known in the society
as a father of his precocious and
prodigious sons or daughters

Love and respect your Mother and siblings;

A father will love you and be proud of you because you are being respectful, loving and caring towards your mother and siblings. So, learn to be good to your mother as your father has been all these years, and he will be proud to have a son/daughter like you.

Like every dad, my dad was like a coconut,
he was hard on me from outside so that I can
get good grades and behave well, but he was
very sweet from inside. During my tween
and teen years, I used to think, my dad
should be sweeter to me like my mum, yet
now I feel he was always right. Many times,
on my mild disapproval on certain issues,
he used to say that, I quote” When you will
become a dad, you will understand that I
am right. Now I feel his advice was hundred
per cent correct. Though he happened to be
one of the poorest fathers financially, yet he
left his children the richest inheritance of
how to work, behave, live and lead life in this
materialistic world.

Believe in your Father’s experience and Decisions there of:

Often times children start overlooking their father’s decision after becoming independent, but that’s one of the biggest discouragement any father feels deep inside his heart. Before starting any big project, ask your father, he will feel happy about it and you will gain out of it.

Love and guide your kids:

A father will respect and appreciate watching his children being loving and affectionate towards their kids. He has always done everything to make his children happy and now he will be a proud father to see his children performing as a responsible and caring father.

Work dedicatedly towards your goal:

After becoming a father our achievements influence our children and they successfully make forays in their chosen field and register even better results. A father love watching his son/daughter escalate, rung after rung , up the ladder in life and working succeesively in the right direction of achieving his/her goals.

WHEN I delve through my childhood, and
as a father- nowadays- to my children
things are pole apart. Time has changed
and so the kids. Children should always
remember that their blessed, reverend and
alive “Parents” are not fore ever. Those
who have their parents on their side are
extremely fortunate and blessed ones. And
those parents who are breathing in the same
city and living separately-against their willare
indeed unfortunate ones when kids are
not on speaking terms with them. My whole
body goes into trepidation, when I see some
parents or single parent living alone or in
long term facilities, sans money- haplessly
and hopelessly- waiting vicariously for the
death to happen

Be a chip of the old block:

As an adult ,take care of the family as your father set an example. Now that you are grown up, your father will be more than relaxed to see you taking the responsibility of the family. All through his life, your father has taken care of the family- with your mum- and now it is your turn to responsibly take care of everyone in the family. Your father will be more than happy about that

A father is a person who brings all the
happiness to his children by working hard
and teaching every beautiful thing of the
World. And, when they grow up, expects
them to bring about one of the best human
beings out of their personality, because
they are known in the society to be sons/
daughters of so and so. A father is in his
happiest state of mind when he watches his
son/daughter find his/ her moorings and the
mission of life is accomplished

Things that melt a Dad’s Heart:

A father is a picture of love so strong, who carefully, silently and consciously steer the family ship and intervene and interfere with his better half to give shape to the career of his lovely children. And, these are just my words that are a shadow of my thankful heart and I will my deeds utter those words of gratitude sometimes in the near future.

A Thank you note for the dad:

Thank you, dad,

for being my father, for teaching those extremely helpful lessons of life, for making me strong at every stage of my life, for being with me in every thick and thin as day follows night.

Thank you, dad,

as I can visualize the mental picture of all that you have been doing and all that you are doing and believe in me dad; all these sacrifices that you have done are never going to go in vain. I carry your DNA. By being successful, I will bring about the happiness that a soul like you [ every dad] deserves.

Thank You, dad,

for holding my little hands and take me to the divine connection to the Almighty and finding out everything about Him. It is you who instilled that faith in the Almighty that has made me feel strong, optimistic and confident every day. Thank you, dad, to make me feel happy and joyous for being successful in bringing about the best version of their children with all the sacrifices you have done all through their lives.

A father is someone who creates a strong building block for kids, life and he is the one who teaches us all the basic lessons of life. Fathers’ day is around the corner and it is going to be celebrated on 17th of June. It would be a fabulously great idea to write some Father’s Day notes on this special day and let him know that the most precious thing that surrounds you is his love

Father vs Mother

Mothers reading this article may be feeling little jealous now for lopsided view of mine in favor of a father but a mother scores better IN THE HEARTS OF THEIR CHILDREN though exceptions are there The role of a father has never been appreciated to the extent as that of the Mother; nevertheless, both play a very important role in the overall growth and development of a child. A child learns a lot of things in his life from father that nobody could ever teach. From the very childhood we start observing a lot of things from our father and inculcating them in our lives. There are an uncountable number of traits that we take from our father namely:

  • Fearlessness.
  • Ability to take challenges
  • Ability to Analyze
  • Being Responsible
  • Taking Care of Loved Ones in an affectionate manner
  • Respecting women Like in billions of cases, I easily envision the architect of my success is my father and my mother made it sure that happen by managing at micro and macro level.

Those children who are being Fatherless:

It has been found in various studies, that children who do not have their fathers with them are more likely to get involved in social ills like alcohol and drugs and are more likely to be struggling, go through mental and physical issues, drop out of schools, fall in bad company and much more. These children are vulnerable to being the victims of various psychological disorders including fear, low self confidence, and in facing people in an assertive manner. These children most often feel to be out of the society, this feeling that they have been abandoned prevails for whole of their life if not treated. Here are a few of those social ills that may prevail in the life of a child all long.


  • Studies have found that, fatherless children are more likely to commit suicide; depending on the scale of their age cycle. They are vulnerable to being the victims of high level of aggressive behavior.
  • The root cause of poverty is, not being educated or skilled. It is usual that children follow their father- by example- when it comes to learning so many things so as to learn and then earn. For those children, who are given no time to learn from their father, it is likely for them to become casual with their education and so struggle neve leave them.
  • There is a chance that Drug and Alcohol may enter into the lives of some fatherless children, in case they fail to hold their nerve.
  • The whopping number of young criminals out there in the Jails vouch that most of these children are brought up in an environment without father and vulnerable get involved in such activities.
  • Out of fear of not being recognized as normal as others, these fatherless children drop out of schools. They prefer abandoning schooling rather than being bullied by their fellow classmates. And, this becomes the reason they do not get proper education.


There is nothing that can actually pay off for all the love and affection that a father bestows upon his children but yes there are things children can do to make their father feel happy and proud. That way he will feel that all of his investments be it emotional or financial is being paid off. On Father’s day let us pledge to be nice, gentle, cool, calm,courteous,composed, laborious, loving and that would be the greatest gift for any father.

As all of you are aware and know this from your very childhood that a “Father” work for the family and not himself. He sacrifices everything; never had the privilege to sit quietly at home, like all the family did, with mother as an exception. And he works [ed] 7 days a week -day in and night out to make our lives better. I salute every dad. Let’s celebrate Father’s Day this year with sheen and lucre to feel thankful for this beautiful gift of God called “Father”.

Words fail me, to thank my father who is in scintillating heaven at the lotus feet of Almighty, along with my mum, still wishing the best for me and my children; after all we proudly carry his DNA and he is proud of being the father and grand father of us.

Long live every Dad, his better half and his perennial investment of life- the children!!!!

WHEN you marry, make sure your mother
and father are not neglected. When kids
marry, I have seen parents- in some casesmay
be unknowingly get neglected. The
hands that helped you to walk your first
steps need help in the evening of their
life. Some parents are lucky, some are
unfortunate enough that their kids are not
with them when they are bidding final adieu
to this world



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