It is nice to be important but it is more important to be NICE…….


IF YOU THINK DEEPLY, you will realize that kindness contains the whole essence of one’s good character & conduct. This is the best certificate one can get, since kindness is symbol of all good qualities of a person. Your conduct reveals your true character.

Its cost’s almost nothing to be nice to someone. Such type of people goes out of their way to be very nice to others. When we do this, we leave there, a good feeling. It feels so much better to be nice than anything else.

Better to give than receive:

Whenever someone says that it is better to give than receive, the truth of that statement depends on who is getting the receiving. If a person has given their whole lives for a cause and haven’t received much, it might be much better for him to receive for a while in case of any eventuality; it is indeed pleasant to have the taste of ones’ own medicine of kindness, which is given and well received by others

Helping others is very important:

To treat the people in dire need of medical help by reaching out to them is a classic example. Doctors Without Bordersa Canadian charitable institution where medical doctors fly around the globe to help for free comes into mind. Contribution of Saint Mother Teresa is also worth appreciating. Giving back to society is what we are supposed to do.

Combine your giving with some form of physical activity, like walking:

Volunteering is good to feel important: I’ve have been volunteering for many years in a variety of organizations and I felt I helped people or helped a cause, I believed in logically. I gained a lot in the process. Fun, frolic, friendship, a sense of purpose, a sense of being valued, is what I experienced. Volunteering gave me back a feeling of belonging and being needed which we all miss in our respective lives.

Always remember, you need not be an expert in the field to help out. Always, think outside the box. Reach out, and the organization you want to help, that will facilitate a way for you to help them. Picking up something for someone who doesn’t know they dropped it, giving a cue to other driver[s] to merge ahead of you on the road, helping an elderly person accomplish something difficult e.g. crossing the road and reporting wrong doers/ criminals, are classic examples to quote a few.

Our small small courtesies per diem show our love and respect for others and help us to be at cloud nine. I think the most rewarding way of helping others is, when we get the nod in the shape of: smiles, hugs, words of encouragement like Thank You; God bless you.

Charity begins at home:

When we are ready to “give back” then we can start right in our vicinity in general or at our neighborhood school. We can easily donate some of our off- work time to a noble cause. To contribute your hours without remuneration, is one of the best contributions, one can make.

Is It More Important to Be Nice or Kind?

Kindness is a gesture or an action. Kindness is making a decision to place others above ourselves, yield our priveldge/ stand in favor of others. It is the difference between acting and reacting. It’s as big as giving up our own needs and as small as sending an encouraging text. It will not be out of place to mention that there is passion in kindness in its quietest form. Striving for kindness is very important and has some positive side effects. It’s life giving.With kindness, we move with constancy to purpose and in such a way that lifts others up alongside us. Beyound doubt, kindness is a powerful tool to soften hearts when we need it the most. This guarantees good heath.

We need to be quick to appreciate the acts of kindness of others. A gesture of kindness deserves to be appreciated by a gesture or plain words. A smile costs nothing, but gives so much as a gesture of goodwill.

How the brain works?

The left side of the brain is responsible for controlling the right side of the body. It also performs tasks that have to do with logic, such as in mathematics. On the other hand, the right hemisphere coordinates the left side of the body, and performs tasks that have to do with creativity. When we do acts of kindness, then, the neurotransmitter serotonin in our brain gives pleasure, which brings feelings of unity, peace and security inside us. These feelings prompt further desires for kindness both in our self and in any and all recipients. These feelings always have a positive side-affect.

Kindness uplifts and heals the world!

So, regardless of how our actions affect others, kindness pays off in the long-term. To be Kind is to be NICE! To be Kind is to love our self and to feel at ease for others. Therefore, if you really want to feel good, to win others and positively influence people and enjoy good health, we need to be kind.

I think a lot of people get intimidated by giving to charity. Perhaps they have this misconception that they have to donate large amounts of money or things of super high value. Well, that’s not true at all. I feel that the charity of your valued time for a noble cause is more valuable than the help in any currency

A good attitude matters the most:

A positive attitude is collectively regarded as of far greater importance. To be a good Samaritan one need to be positive most of the time. Then your kindness brings your true conduct & character and becomes an important parameter for others to judge your personality and salute your efforts. As you are already aware, Kindness contains all the good ingredients like humbleness, honesty, pity, patience, tolerance, sympathy, love, affection, compassion, integrity, truthfulness, understanding, discrimination, helping attitude, adjustment with others.

Your little help is a boon to others- the needy:

In your daily routine, if you do little help to others, the response from others will be “So kind of you”. The example of Saint Teresa- who served humanity with right approach comes into my mind. It was only her “Kindness” & “Compassion” that lifted her above all others, even though doing right was the main aim & purpose of her struggle. The role played by Mahatma Gandhi of India, Nelson Mandela of South Africa and Edhi comes to my mind. Abdul Sattar Edhi was a Pakistani philanthropist, ascetic, and humanitarian who founded the Edhi Foundation, which runs the world’s largest volunteer Ambulance network, along with homeless shelters, animal shelter, rehab centres, and orphanages across Pakistan. Hats off to these noble and kind souls. There are myriads more.

I love to give because one time in my life, I needed help and people came to my rescue. It is al bilateral and implied arrangement of give and take. Help the needy in his/her hour of desperation is best help anyone can render and make others’ life comfortable and worth

To be kind It requires a great deal of understanding of others, irrespective of their background, caste, creed, culture, ethnicity and heritage. Unless one develops an attitude of oneness of all, in spite of wide differences & attitudes of people, it is extremely difficult to be kind to all.


We have the inherent feeling to be nice to ourselves and others. Niceness exhibits in kindness. Kindness is the basis for welfare of all. A person without kindness is susceptible to be just ordinary. The character & conduct of a person, revolves around one’s kindness.

When we are Kind, on brain front, we are thinking and acting from the right hemisphere of our brain which governs compassion and wholistic thinking. When we are Right, we are thinking and acting from the left hemisphere of our brain which governs logic and rationality.

So, regardless of how our actions affect others, KINDNESS pays off in the shape of long-term dividends to one’s self. Kindness uplifts and heals the universe.

Prof. Surinder Kochhar (Shaun)
LPN, FCN, M.Com, CAIIB, DIM A freelance writer with 36 Years Exp. A Health Coach of University of Victoria


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