Ishana marking her footprints in the music world


Born in Punjab, Ishana Kullar was always into sports and extra-curricular activities, lawn tennis being her favorite sport. She moved to Canada at a tender age and the new country threw many challenges at her. She spent a lot of time polishing her skills and started acting, modelling, and hosting events. With time, she started juggling the roles successfully, both in India as well as Canada. It was her enthusiasm and dedication that helped her bag roles in films like Asli Punjab, Delhi 1984 and Kin, an English short film. She has also appeared in multiple music videos and TV shows in both Punjabi and English. Not only this, Ishana has even hosted Dhee Punjab Di, a pageant show in Punjab.

After her short stint in acting she decided to move back to Canada to pursue singing and rapping as a hobby. With time, as she refined her skills, this hobby turned into a profession. Now she debates between labelling herself as a singer or rapper because of the negative image people have of female rappers in the Punjabi industry. Despite this she wants to make her mark and pave the way for herself as well as future Punjabi female rappers.

“It’s not easy to become a successful singer or rapper as a Punjabi woman but I want to keep going despite the hurdles along the way”, says Ishana.

This month she is releasing some new projects, titled Tere Warga and Crazy Jatt.

We wish her all the luck and success. Hope the audience likes them and shower all their love on Ishana for her efforts. You can check out her previous work and projects on Youtube and follow her on social media for all th


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