Is Kanye West setting up Khloe Kardashian with Brad Pitt?

Khloe Kardashian. (Photo: Twitter/@khloekardashian)

Entertainment Magazine’s News Desk || IANS || September 17, 2019

Rapper Kanye West is reportedly trying to set up his sister-in-law Khloe Kardashian with Hollywood star Brad Pitt.

He hosted Pitt at his Sunday Service, alongside Khloe, as well as her sisters Kim, Kendall and Kourtney, reports “”.

Khloe has never hidden the fact that she has a crush on Pitt, and has revealed on live radio once that she would love to have sex with him on air.

She told host Howard Stern: “Bring in Brad Pitt and I’ll f*** him on air.”

Khloe had added that she thinks he is “really good looking.”

Also, after Pitt split from Angelina Jolie, Khole gushed on her website about how “handsome” he was.

She wrote on her website: “I love him (but) I didn’t like him when he was super young, like in ‘Thelma & Louise’.”