Fit and fabulous!


Moms into fitness, those able to balance being a busy mom with their workout schedule, are real role models in so many ways. Fitness is all about discipline and juggling a million chores, family, kids and still managing to look fit and fabulous – that is something commendable. Meet our fit and fabulous mom Preeti Maan, a 48-year-old woman who leads a healthy lifestyle while looking after her family as well as her career. She feels “It’s never too late to get in shape.

Preeti started her fitness journey a few years ago and the results made her fall in love with the idea of being fit. Mother to two children, Harmanjot 27, and Simranjot 25, Preeti believes that increasing physical activity can do miracles for your body. “Your health should be a priority and you should look after yourself. You will be better to your family when you lead a healthy lifestyle. For example, if work is a priority for a short period of time and as a result you can’t do any sport, then make sure to go for healthy food options.”

Preeti’s cousin pushed her into modeling for her homegrown Australian brand – CocobyBawa – and that was the beginning of Preeti’s incredible modeling career. She hasn’t looked back ever since.

Preeti takes her inspiration from Sandy Dosanjh, who is a style icon, a celebrity, a mother and a fitness expert. Sandy has transformed many women like Preeti who were once just working their 9 to 5 jobs into a fitness pro.

Besides helping with weight loss or lean muscle gain, Sandy believes that a fitness regime also organizes your nutrition intake which eventually improves mental and emotional health. “When women learn the proper health and fitness techniques it can impact the overall health of a family. You will notice that if a mother is fit or health conscious, her children will be too.” In Sandy’s case both her children see their parents work so hard to maintain a healthy body and they too get inspired.


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