Children are a gift from God!


Sometimes, in the hustle of taking care of these kids that are supposed to be a gift to us, they can feel more like a heavy burden. Caring for kids can feel like draining work. If we don’t find a proper balance between caretaking of our family and investing in our own self-care it can be easy to miss out on the daily joys of a childhood unfolding before your eyes, family-life, and the legacy that you have the honor of passing to your children.

Children are beautiful, full of joy, the radiant light in this dark world. No matter what part of the world, no matter what ethnicity or background, children are always a blessing.

Children remind us that we need to play more, love more, laugh more, and that we need to never stop learning. They remind us that the future and what we fight for now, is for them and for their children. They remind us of the responsibility we have to provide and protect. They motivate us to do some of the most dangerous work there is to be done…because they are worth fighting for! They remind us that life is fragile and that life is priceless. So, one should always learn from the little ones as they can also teach you lessons that will change the way you live your life.


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