BMW hosts an event to celebrate the rich tapestry of diversity in BC

    Brian Jessel BMW and the Brian Jessel Foundation, alongside esteemed partners—Foundation for a Path Forward, Strong Cities Network, and South Vancouver Neighborhood House—lent their steadfast support to the event ‘Breaking Bread, Building Bonds’. This uplifting interfaith evening fostered meaningful dialogue and camaraderie, uniting communities and business leaders, like the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, Consul general of the US, Turkey, and local officials to celebrate the rich tapestry of diversity in our city. Honorable Niki Sharma, MLA for Vancouver-Hastings was the guest of honor at the event.

    Tariq Tyab, President of Foundation for a Path Forward commented, “We are very delighted to have Brian Jessel Foundation and Brian Jessel BMW as long-term partners in all our programs. The support they offer has enabled many of our community programs and we look forward to the continuous support”.

    Their collective dedication to empowering city-led initiatives for prevention and response underscores a shared commitment to nurturing inclusive, resilient communities. Together, they championed knowledge-sharing, capacity-building, and collaborative efforts aimed at unlocking the transformative potential of city-led action to address our community’s challenges with compassion and resolve.

    Brian Jessel BMW bags the Luxurious Dealership of Year award

    With another feather in its cap, Brian Jessel BMW has been crowned as the Luxurious Dealership of Year at the BMW Group Retailer of the Year Awards.

    Brian Jessel BMW takes pride in not just selling cars, but curating a lifestyle of luxury that immerses their customers in an unparalleled experience. Brian Jessel BMW team proudly orchestrated and hosted over 100 events in 2023 with utmost brilliance. They are committed to ensure their customers are always at the forefront of luxury.

    With another accolade, Brian Jessel BMW continues to walk on the path of exemplary service and excellence.

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