The grand Diwali gala was celebrated on Oct 15 at the Fairmont Waterfront in Vancouver, and was attended by 300+ guests including Chief Guest Hon. Minister Ravi Kahlon, Ministers Harry Bains and George Chow, MLA and Parliamentary Secretary Rachna Singh and MLA David Eby. The Founder and President Emeritus Vivek Savkur, received special recognition from BC’s Premier Hon. John Horgan at the BCIBN weekend grand Diwali gala.

Savkur was recognized for his invaluable contributions to strengthen bilateral trade relations between British Columbia and India. The PM sent special Diwali greetings and Minister Kahlon brought Diwali greetings from the Premier.

According to President Sobhana Jaya-Madhavan, “Vivek ji has worked tirelessly to build a strong bridge between BC and India. This recognition is only fitting for a business leader who cares deeply about the bond and the future of trade between the two countries.”Vivek ji accepted the recognition and committed to strengthening bilateral trade relations and reminded guests that India is a market that is not only large but also full of partnership possibilities. Apart from great entertainment and food, the festive occasion also included Dr. Andrew Petter (President Emeritus of SFU), receiving the BC-IBN Leadership Award for his extraordinary contributions to the BC-India relations and post-secondary education sector. He was recognized as someone who put BC on the India map. The award was given by Chief Guest Hon. Minister Kahlon and Vivek Sakur, and receiver on Dr. Petter’s behalf by SFU’s VP External relations, Dr. Joanne Curry.

The 300+ guests enjoyed a festive night and many were delighted to win prizes including two return tickets to India, courtesy Presenting Sponsor Air Canada. Many took membership including the Young Entrepreneur membership that is for under 35 individuals who want to be part of the BC-IBN family, and receive a wide range of supports in their entrepreneurial journey.

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