Avtar Virdi to embark on a Cross-Canada Walk for BC Cancer


BC Cancer Foundation is the fundraising partner of BC Cancer. Every dollar they raise advances care across BC Cancer six world class centres and research programs. Their donors fuel hope for the 80,000 patients per year who depend on BC Cancer.

Avtar Virdi is embarking on a Cross-Canada Walk for BC Cancer, a fundraising walk from St. John’s, N.L. to Vancouver, B.C, beginning in June 2022 in support of research and care at BC Cancer – Surrey. Avtar’s goal is to finish his walk in one month or less.

It is predicted by the Canada Health Department that every second Canadian will suffer from Cancer once in their lifetime, it was way shocking for Avtar and his family when he was diagnosed with cancer, twice. First in Jan 2017 and then again in December, 2020. He says he has never ever abused his body with tobacco or any kind of drug except doctor’s prescription and wondered why he suffered from cancer.

He survived by God’s grace, for his wonderful family’s great support and his very positive and strong will. He read about Terry Fox and was greatly inspired by his small but great life. Due to cancer, doctors had to amputate Terry’s right leg up to knee in order to save his life. But unfortunately, the cancer spread to his lungs. In 1980, with an exemplary spirit despite his half leg being gone to cancer, Terry Fox started his walk from St. John’s N.L. and created a legacy of himself. He spread awareness about cancer and raised over one million dollars for research to find treatment of cancer.

Virdi feels he owes his life to Terry Fox. After surviving twice from cancer, he realized he was still alive due to Terry’s great thought for people like him. He feels Terry Fox is still alive in the hearts of all who know about him and have suffered from this critical illness directly or indirectly. He wishes cancer to be eliminated from society in future and nobody suffers from the excruciating pain he has gone through, or he is going through even at present. He has decided to follow Terry Fox, starting his walk this June and reminding the whole world to save more and more people from cancer. This is a great challenge for him as he is not an athlete. His family is worried about him. However, he is determined to go for it. The fund raise page link for Virdi’s walk is given below:


He wants all sorts of support from the public for this noble cause. He can be contacted at:

Prof. Avtar S. Virdi (Walker)

Director (Event walker)

GTP Marvelous College


#207, 7928, 128 street York Business Park, Surrey, BC




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