Ace the style with your significant other this festive season


Diwali is the biggest festival of the year and it is also a time when you truly splurge on your outfits. As you meet all your closest friends and family, you can stand out and look like the best dressed couple complimenting each-others’ outfits by putting in a little work and coordination.

Twinning with your partner is sure to make you look like a power couple. While it might seem confusing, it is actually quite simple. Here are the best ways to match your outfit with your significant other this festive season.

1. Match the prints for the family event

An easy and simple way to make two completely different outfits look complementary is by matching prints. This does not mean you need the same colour and fabric, this means you can find a dupatta with a small flower print and match it with a waistcoat or a tie with a small print. The two pieces can be in different colours and different fabrics, but the similar print will ensure you match while maintaining your individual expression.

2. Catch their vibe for the cards party

For a casual event like a cards party, both of you might want to dress very differently. To avoid a mismatch of outfits, try to dress equally formal or equally casual. If you can’t seem to find the dresses to do it, you can add or remove jewellery or accessories like a watch to match your vibe with your partner’s.

3. Twin with colour for the puja

You are likely to wear a very traditional outfit for the auspicious occasion of Diwali. While your outfit may be picked out, you can experiment with the other parts of this look. If you are wearing a bright blue saree, your partner can bring that into their outfit with a blue scarf or shoes and if your partner is wearing a white kurta, you can put on pearl jewelry to bring the white into your outfit as well. By having hints of the same colour in your respective outfits, you can match most effortlessly.

4. Match with accessories for the dinner party

The dinner party is where you have guests to entertain, and you have to wear something that is not very heavy as you have to move around from one room to another and have to run a few unexpected tasks along the way. The best way to coordinate your outfit in such a situation is to wear jewelry for him and her. This can be a platinum bracelet, a pair of matching watches, or other pieces of accessories.

It is easy to match your outfit with your significant other- you will always look well coordinated when you share the warm feeling of love.

Ritika Tiwari
Freelance Writer/ Blogger/ Content Strategist


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