400 km cycling in one day Kelowna to Delta


J une 10,11 and 12th, on the weekend, a group of volunteers from ‘Hand On Back Society’ and ‘Ride 2 Survive’ raised $30,000 for Cancer research funds in ‘Payal Business Center’ in Surrey BC. Volunteers are Kerry Kunzli, Rich Gastle and Amamrjit S Dhadwar who lived up 50 feet for 50 hours and created awareness for cancer research. Loads of kids and families are involved in this event for volunteering and contributing their time and support every year.

Saturday, June 18th ,was ride day for 110 cyclist and 70 crew members. This is an annual ride since 2005 oraganised for raising funds for cancer research and for supporting cancer patients.

Since 2005 this volunteer driven organization raises and funded ‘Owards cancer research’ over $5 million for fighting against Cancer.