So you have met the person who is ‘The One’ for you. When you meet someone you have a deep connection with, you feel like you have known them for your entire life. While that feels exhilarating, sometimes you might need some signs to confirm that they are definitely ‘The One’ and you aren’t just wearing rose coloured glasses.

To help you out, we have put together the five points that you definitely can’t miss.

You make it work, even if it means compromising

Every relationship has its own problems and issues which can often result in conflicts. But if you are able to resolve these conflicts without hurting each other or your relationship, then that implies that you are capable of making compromises for the sake of your relationship. If both of you are able to move past differences and make compromises to make your relationship work, then you are truly compatible with your partner.

You respect each other

When you respect each other, you understand that you are different people with different values, beliefs, opinions, and goals. You respect your differences and allow each other to grow while supporting each other every step of the way. You also let your partner have their own personal time and space. These are signs of two truly mature individuals in a strong relationship. you can share your secrets and be who you are because of a strong bond of trust between you and your partner. When you trust each other blindly and share what you wouldn’t share with anyone else, it’s a sign that your relationship is strong and you are meant to be with your partner.

You can be vulnerable with your partner

When you are in your moments of weakness, you seek the comfort of each other. True love is all about being comfortable when being vulnerable with your partner.

You feel like You encourage each other to be better human beings

When you are in a strong relationship, you constantly motivate your partner to pursue their goals and ambitions. You encourage them to be a better person and chase their dreams. The synergy between the two of you brings out the best in you. That’s a sign that you two are meant to be.

You can share good news and bad news with each other

While sharing good news isn’t that hard, the true test of a partner depends on how they react when you have some bad news to share. Do they comfort you, pay attention to you, and show compassion? Or do they seem distracted?

If your partner is there with you for both the happy as well the sad moments, then then that’s the sign of a person who truly cares about you.

Watch out for these signs and find out whether you and your partner are destined to be together.