Jagran TV Chicago is spreading its wings all over the world and playing an important role in promoting and spreading religious conviction across the globe through online and offline mediums. It is strongly connecting people with each other through devotional celebrations.

Recently, JagranTV Chicago organized religious ceremonies in Ludhiana and Delhi. Anuj Madan presided over the function held in Ludhiana on August 31, and numerous people participated enthusiastically in the function organized in Delhi on September 5. An immense enthusiasm was seen amongst the attendees and their devotion was quite evident.

The ceremony held in Delhi was in collaboration with Vijay Raheja and Raj Madan. Singers and devotees who had performed on JagranTV’s online platform were also honored with a memento.

Anuj Madan, who presided over the function, said that “no one can forget the dark phase of Corona. In that period, the pace of the world decreased a lot, even people did not think it was right to meet each other or socialize. We came to know the value of humanity and how money was just a piece of paper.

It is during that dark phase that many socio-religious organizations came forward and helped for the betterment of the people. I believe that in this era the only hope of man is to take refuge in God.” It is during that dark phase, Indian doctor Avi Verma, living in America decided to bring the voice of the Lord to the people sitting all over the world and in the interest of religion, contacted the Indian bhajan singers sitting around the world through social media platforms and connected people with religion and united every day, praying for the protection of humanity in front of that Lord.

With the aim of honoring the bhajan singers on the social media site, the celebrations were held globally.

According to Anuj Madan, “Dr Avi has done commendable work and has hoisted the flag of Sanatan Dharma all over the world.”

On this occasion in Delhi, famous singers Puneet Khurana ji, Pawan Moonga ji, Raj Madan and Vijay Raheja ji of Bharatiya Janata Party appreciated the work of Dharma done by JagranTV Chicago.

“Such programs are very important in today’s time as they play an important role in connecting people with religion. I am very grateful to the founder of JagranTV Chicago, Dr AviVerma who is preaching religion not only in India but also abroad while living on foreign soil”, said Madan. Along with this, the founder of JagranTV, Dr. Avi Verma, has pleased the devotees by putting his post at the gates of Sankat Mochan Temple, Joshi Nagar Hanuman Temple and the world-famous temple of Jalandhar, Tripurmalini.

JagranTV Chicago channel on Facebook was started in 1998 by Doctor Avi, who has thousands of followers in today’s time, even people from many countries including Canada, Chicago, India, and London are all connected through this great platform sitting in their living rooms. So many devotees across the world are able to sing praises of God by joining the ocean of devotion. Propagating and spreading religion is the main objective of the doctor right now, you can also join by following him on Facebook and be blessed by doing true devotion to God.

Nikita Sharma