In the life of a new parent, every milestone is daunting. We are eager, enthusiastic, and extremely invested in every new chapter of our little one’s life. The first smile, the first time they roll over and that first tooth, each of these events is a cause for joy. The first two beautiful years go by, wherein we try to do our best for our children, always standing by their side, and then comes Preschool. The life event that launches our children into the “real world” and as a parent, you would experience all kinds of anxiety, fear, and confusion in the first two years of your child’s life, but the bittersweet experience of sending them to school is incomparable. It is a strange mix of wanting to see your child independently wade in the waters while something crumbles deep inside, for they will not need their parents as much as they did before. On the brighter side, when the clouds of emotion dissipate, we as parents rejoice thinking of the few hours of freedom that come with it. All in all, an exciting time for parents and children alike.