The Festival of Lights, Diwali is a celebration that marks the victory of good over evil, light over dark and knowledge over ignorance.

Widely celebrated by Hindus across the world, Diwali festivities include the lighting of oil lamps on the day that signifies the return of Lord Ram after 14 years in exile as detailed in the epic, Ramayana. Exchanging gifts, feasting on traditional sweets, and wearing new clothes are other Diwali traditions. A time for both gratitude and gaiety, here’s how Diwali is celebrated around the world.

1. Indonesia

Diwali here is a big deal. Almost all the rituals performed here during this festival are similar to those of India and are a treat to witness. Since Diwali is also a public holiday, people get time to greet and meet people, and enjoy the festival of lights to the fullest.

2. Fiji

Owing to the huge population of Indians in Fiji, Diwali is celebrated with great enthusiasm and excitement. And since it’s a public holiday, people take part by organizing parties, and engaging in exchanging gifts.

3. Mauritius

Since the Hindu community comprises almost 50 percent of Mauritius’ population, Diwali is celebrated with much fervor and excitement. People place clay oil lamps in front of their houses, and the island nation turns into a fairyland during this time.

4. Malaysia

Diwali in Malaysia is known as Hari Diwali, while the rituals too are a bit different from those that are followed in India. On this day, people start with oil bathing in the morning, and then head to temples to offer prayers. Since the sale of crackers is banned in Malaysia, people here celebrate this festival by exchanging sweets, gifts, and good wishes.

5. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka also celebrates Diwali with much enthusiasm, and it is one of the most-loved festivals of the country. Since this festival bears special significance, it’s a public holiday for the country. People light small lamps to ward off evil spirits, as it is believed that lamps symbolize hope for a brighter future.

6. Nepal

Also known as Tihar in Nepal, the country celebrates this festival with much fervor. The festivities include exchanging gifts, decorating the houses with lights, and offering prayers to Goddess Lakshmi. Aslo, the festival of lights is Nepal’s second biggest festival after Dashain.

7. Singapore

If you are in Singapore during Diwali time, you will witness how this destination lights up during this time, just like India. There is no doubt that this country too celebrates this festival with much fervor and enthusiasm.

8. United Kingdom

There are many cities, especially Leicester and Birmingham, in the United Kingdom that celebrate Diwali in a grand manner. This is because these areas have a huge number of Indian communities settled there. If you are there, you will witness that festivities here are almost as elaborate as India, if not the same.

9. Thailand

Diwali is celebrated in Thailand as Lam Kriyongh, and the festival is almost similar to that of Diwali celebrations. It’s celebrated on the full moon day of the 12th month, as per the Thai calendar. If you ever happen to be in Thailand during this time, you will be amazed to witness the extravagant display of fireworks there

Nikita Sharma