Jogpaul Dilgir got into working out when he was around 14 years old and has been training consistently ever since. His passion for fitness has led him to create a career within the sport as he is the co-founder of an online coaching company called Iron Gorilla Fitness. He inspires to do further competitions in the future as he has qualified for the Canadian National pro-qualifier in Toronto for Natural athletes.

Jogpaul is a lifetime natural bodybuilder, which means someone who has never used any sort of performance enhancing drugs (PEDS or Steroids). This is something that is uncommon in the bodybuilding community. There are a few events that hold competitions for athletes who are natural. BC cup naturals 2022 hosted by Xtreme promotions is one of those events. This event was held in Kamloops, British Columbia on May 21, 2022. A first-time athlete Jogpaul Singh Dilgir showcased his expertise and won the following categories of the competition:

  • 1st Place Classic Physique True Novice
  • 2nd Place Classic Physique Novice
  • 1st place Classic Physique Class A
  • Overall Best Poser
  • 1st Place Men’s Physique True Novice
  • 1st Place Men’s Physique Novice
  • 1st Place Men’s Physique Class A