The global trajectory of COVID-19 pandemic continues to decline with certain regional variations. The need to monitor the continuously changing nature of virus and evolution of SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern (VOCs) must remain in focus. The existing guidelines for international arrivals in India have been formulated taking a risk-based approach. The existing guidelines have been revised in view of reporting of a new variant of SARS-CoV-2 (B.1.1.529; named Omicron) which has been now classified as Variant of Concern by the World Health Organization.

The flow chart given on the right side provides protocols to be complied with international travellers as well those to be followed by airlines, points of entry (airports, seaports, and land border) for risk profiling of passengers.

This Standard Operating Procedure shall be valid w.e.f. 1st December 2021 till further orders. Based on the risk assessment, the guidelines shall be reviewed from time to time.

List of Countries from where travellers would need to follow additional measures on arrival in India, including post-arrival testing (Countries at-risk) (Updated as on 26th November 2021)

1. Countries in Europe including The United Kingdom

2. South Africa

3. Brazil

4. Bangladesh

5. Botswana

6. China

7. Mauritius

8. New Zealand

9. Zimbabwe

10. Singapore

11. Hong Kong

12. Israel