Brian Jessel BMW’s drive for quality has earned them their distinct vision for consistent excellence, in addition to being a dealership that prides itself on providing first-class service and a unique BMW purchasing experience.

With their valued and dedicated staff, Brian Jessel has made a mark in the automotive industry. With the Pre-Owned cars market growing substantially every year, Brian Jessel takes pride in offering services related to pre-owned vehicles.

Akash Aujla, one of BMW Canada Gold Sales Master makes a huge contribution to the team at Brian Jessel BMW. Deemed as # 1 Gold Sales Master in Canada for BMW Pre-Owned Sales, Akash has an innate passion for cars. He says “ever since as a child, all I did was talk about cars, play with cars and dismantle toy cars as I was curious on how they were put together. My cousins and I would get together at family gatherings, and our conversations revolved around only cars. New cars that had just come out to older cars that we thought were cool. My mom and dad always told me I should sell cars since I loved them so much. I never took it seriously until my dad asked Raj Desor, the New Car Sales Manager to hire me as a lot staff at Brian Jessel BMW. Being around the business made me interested in wanting to pursue selling cars.

Talking about a typical day at work, he says, “I indulge in a lot of follow up. Talking to several clients a day. Keeping in touch with previous clients who have purchased cars and connecting with them to ensure they are still happy. New deals always arise from this practice given that the client usually is bored of their car or is looking for something different.”

With just these few lines, we could identify that Akash is a workaholic and has an in-depth knowledge of his work. He says being at Brian Jessel is fun as every day is different for the team. It is a fast-paced environment with a lot going on from sales to service. He says, “we have new inventory daily which gives us an upper hand as compared to other such Pre-Owned automobile dealerships as there is a lot of quality cars that come in regularly.”

“I like to stay on top of new arrivals for my clients. We always have something different to sell at our store since we are the Pre-Owned location. We have a wide selection of inventory that comes in. From cheaper cars that are $10,000-20,000 range to and upwards of $200,000. To me selling these new arrivals on the first day they come in is always a fun experience”, he added.

Akash’s journey started almost a decade back and there was no looking back ever since. “I started out as a lot staff member and did that role for 9 months. I then moved on to weekend lot supervisor for over a year. In 2014 I took up a new position for BMW which was the “Product Genius” role. This was for the all new i3 and i8 BMW’s that would be introduced to the brand’s lineup. I then took on two more roles as a delivery specialist and customer relations executive to assist the clients who had purchased new/ pre-owned vehicles”.

It was his zeal for his job that made him succeed and achieve new goals. Almost a decade later, he is considered as the best sales master at BMW’s pre-owned car service.

“2015 was my first year in sales. I finished # 1 in Canada and got the title for BMW Canada Gold Sales Master. I won the # 1 spot in Canada 3 years in a row (2015-2017) and I have been a Gold Sales master all 6 years finishing 3rd in 2018 and 2nd in 2019 and 2020.”

All in all, the journey has been amazing, and Brian Jessel BMW has offered me opportunities to grow and excel.

Hailing from a Sikh family, Akash was born and raised in Vancouver. His maternal family was based out of England and his father moved to Canada in 1984 from India and gave the best education and values to their children. Apart from being a dedicated sales employee, he likes to spend his time with his family.

With a knack for travel, he has travelled far and wide with his parents who used to take him and his sister to India and London often. In his free time, he likes to explore new places with his wife, Jessica and spend quality time with his sons.

Talking about challenges at work, he says, “I don’t feel we have real challenges at work, we have a good manager in Steve Geisberecht who takes the challenging problems off my plate and lets me focus on what I need to do. I like to plan my days ahead to avoid last minute confusion and delays in my performance.”

He also believes that a good team makes all the difference at work. Achieving long term as well as short team goals is only possible because of a good team.

He says “I believe behind a successful organization, it’s a complete team effort. The sales team is important but without a great support staff we don’t run on all cylinders. Our receptionist is very important from taking incoming calls to greeting customers. Our lot staff are important because they help clean our cars and have them presentable for clients as well as getting them cleaned up when sold. Our staff behind the scenes who help stock inventory and take pictures of the cars and ensure the new stock inventory gets through service and reconditioning in a timely manner.”

He assures that Brian Jessel BMW is the best and most genuine when it comes to providing services as with no pressure sales tactics, he believes the “difference at Brian Jessel is you will have a salesperson tell you don’t buy a car if it’s not the right one. Instead of rushing the deal and being unhappy with it. Let’s take the time to find the right car and deal. This makes the customer appreciate you more and come back for their future purchases.”

He signed off!

Nikita Sharma
Freelance Writer/ Blogger/ Content Strategist