Becoming a parent is an intense experience that changes the lives of all those who go through it. However, the charm of your exciting and loving relationship may begin to fade in the early days of caring for your infant. In a time like this, a couple that once was always excited and engaging in endless activities will have more responsibilities than ever before and not enough time to meet even half of them. In such a case, how should you avoid relationship issues after welcoming your baby?

1- Sympathize with the partner

Becoming a parent means to go through a profound identity shift for life. This is a stressful time for everyone, just like it was when you were teenagers. Such a time requires patience and kindness. It is important, then, to remember that both of you are going through the same experience but in different ways. You are the ones who understand each other the most in this time which is why your kindness to one another means the most.

2- Take out time to spend with each other

Life is always busy, yet it is busier than it has ever been after you have a baby. Couples simply do not get the time to bond with each other anymore because a significant chunk of their time is spent in devotion to the new member of the family. This can alienate couples who were once well acquainted with each other’s daily routine and patterns. Hence, it is crucial to feel like you still know the other person and both of you evolve into your new personalities together.

3- Find healthy ways to communicate through your issues

Resentment can collect for a long time and there may be no seeming way of communicating effectively with one another. One person might feel overworked while the other person may feel left out. At a time like this, however hard it may seem, couples need to express their feelings to each other. This may be by writing each other a letter or simply going out on a proper date to discuss what each person is going through.

4- Engage in simple behaviours before the baby comes

Before your bundle of joy arrived, you probably had certain activities planned that would be time you would relax, unwind, and bond as a couple. For some couples this may be watching Netflix through the night, for others it may be gardening. Regardless of what it may be, it is important to engage in these activities in order to allow yourself to rebond with your partner over things you are both passionate about.

5- Practice parenting on each other to be better parents in the future

Parenting by no means is an easy task. And to be able to do it well with your child as they start to grow older, it is crucial to start practicing the habits of kindness, forgiveness, better listening, more compassion, and others. The best place to start is with your partner because it allows you to be better parents as well as better people, especially to the person who matters the most.


No turn in life comes smooth, most require hard work and perseverance. When it comes to a person you have shared your deepest darkest fears with and come so far as to have a baby, it is worth everything to push through the tough times and bring back the intimacy and affection that signifies your relationship.

Ritika Tiwari
Freelance Writer/ Blogger/ Content Strategist