The good old six yards is having a moment in the sun. Even with so many fashion choices for women, saree is a staple in Indian wear that is loved by people all across the world. No matter where you are or how the weather is, there are numerous saree styles and fabrics to inspire you and up your style quotient everyday.

The summers call for a breezy version of the saree with a wispy fabric, loose drape and airy blouse. As we enter the summer season, let’s take a dive in and see how you can wear sarees fashionably without the heatwave getting in your way.

Fine fabrics

When it’s summer, you are better off wearing a saree with a lightweight and breathable fabric. Get over the notion that you need to wear heavy embroidered sarees and a ton of jewellery to for a festive or wedding look. You can look just as great when you wear a simple gold tissue or sooti saree. For a bright summer festive look, go for luminous and light pastel shade sarees and pair them up with white jewellery like pearls or kundans.

When it comes to picking fabrics in summers, it’s all about staying comfortable and fuss free. Sarees and summers go well together since it gives you strategic vents to stay breezy all throughout the day. Here are some fabrics for the summer that you should consider:

Cotton: With the small hollow gaps in cotton that allows the fabric to absorb and release perspiration, it is perfect for summers. You can either wear crisp pure cotton sarees when you have time for proper ironing and draping, or you can go for a cotton blend that are just as lightweight but easier to drape.

Linen: Extracted from flax plants, linen offers great durability and breathability. Since its over three times stronger fabric than cotton, it is extremely lightweight and easily washable as well. If you are going for a day event, nothing would look better than a carefully draped linen saree.

Sheer: Unlike other heavy fabrics, sheer is extremely breezy and it doesn’t stick to you at all. It also adds an element of elegance and femininity to Indian outfits. To balance both sheer and traditional elements, you can wear a saree with sheer panels or blouse sleeves.

Chiffon: Much like sheer, chiffon is also completely soft and lightweight fabric, making it a choice for a summer saree. Since it hardly creases and comes in several variations, a chiffon saree can be your best friend in the summer, whether you are going to a small lunch or a wedding reception.

Get creative with the drape

We have seen a lot of variations in blouse designs over the years — From finely embroidered and traditional ones to t-shirt blouses, tube tops, waistcoats, tank tops, and even shirts. But most women aren’t willing to experiment with the drape so much just because they think it would take a much longer time than the standard ‘nivi’ drape. But the true power of saree lies in its versatility and draping. When you are already opting for lightweight fabrics in the summer, they make for easy draping, giving you the room to experiment more. Of course, safety pins are your best friends when you are experimenting with different drapes, so make sure you pin up everything well.

Experiment with accessories

Style your sarees with a tuxedo jacket to give your outfit a power dressing feel. You can also take a simple saree and pair it with jeans, palazzos, trousers, or your favourite cropped t-shirt. When you are experimenting, make sure to create a finely pleated pallu to go over your shoulder so that there isn’t any extra fabric hanging and you can easily move around.

For a more defined waist, you can also tie a belly chain around the saree pallu. While you keep the saree colours light, you can use bright colours for the blouse, motifs or your footwear to make your outfit stand out.

This summer, make saree your best friend and have a cool and breezy time. Source: IANS

Ritika Tiwari
Freelance Writer/ Blogger/ Content Strategist