Whether you want to make a lasting impression or seal an important deal — Identify the intention behind the meeting in order to dress sharply for it.

Depending on the clients you are going to meet, it’s also essential to look for any guidelines that might be set for the meeting’s dress code. In case there aren’t any guidelines, its best to tread cautiously and use your best judgment to dress appropriately.

To help you get dressed for your next big business meeting, we have put together some really helpful and simple tips:

1- When in doubt, go for business casuals

Business casuals are a combination of classic office formals, and trendy modern prints and designs. For women, business casuals include well-fitted chinos, knee length pencil skirts, tailored shirts, and of course a dapper blazer that hugs your shoulders nicely.

2- Find the perfect blouse

The perfect blouse for a business meeting is the one which flatters your upper body, but at the same time isn’t too revealing. A silk blouse or a close weave sweater would be the most apt for a business meeting. When you are buying a new blouse, go for rich hue patterns on silk or solid colours.

3- Make sure you aren’t exposing too much skin

One of the biggest faux pas you can make while dressing for a business meeting is showing too much skin. You should avoid wearing sleeveless blouses and check the length of your skirt from all sides as well. Dressing inappropriately can be easily mistaken as a sign of unprofessionalism and incompetentness.

4- Match your trousers with your jacket

While it’s safest to wear a two-piece suit to a meeting, if you have bought trousers separately, then make sure its colour compliments the colour of the jacket you are going to wear. Bright or printed jackets go well with dark trouser.

5- Wear perfectly fitted clothes

Whether you are wearing a formal suit or a complete business attire, it’s important to make sure that your clothes fit you perfectly. It can look rather inappropriate if your clothes are too tight on you. At the same time, lose clothes might make your colleagues think that you borrowed them from someone and didn’t want to put any effort into dressing for the meeting. When you are buying business attire, make sure it suits your body shape. A suit is a perfect fit for you only when the trousers end right before the shoe line and the shoulders sit square.

6- Pay attention to details

Just wearing a fitted suit is not enough, you also need to pay attention to details to make sure you look sharp as ever. The clothes you will be wearing should be clean, fresh, and well ironed. When you are getting ready, make sure to check for any creases, lose buttons, or stains. At the same time, your nails shouldn’t be too long or have any bright or funky nail paint. Instead go for lighter and nude shade nail polishes for a business meeting.

7- Your shoes can say a lot about you

When it comes to shoes for a business meeting, comfort and confidence is everything. While a high heeled shoe may look a lot better, if it’s not so comfortable that you can easily wear it for a few hours, then it’s best to replace them with a pair of classic low-heeled shoes. It is also not necessary for your shoes to be black. Just make sure to go for a subtle colour that matches with the rest of your outfit.

8- Your business attire is incomplete without the right hairstyle

All the effort you take to create the perfect look for your business meeting can quickly go down the drain if you don’t pay attention to your hairs. Women should make sure their hairs are brushed and not unruly. It’s best to tie the hair up in a loose ponytail or bun.

With these simple dressing tips, you will be able to ace your business meetings successfully.

Ritika Tiwari
Freelance Writer/ Blogger/ Content Strategist