Approach each customer with the idea of helping them to solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service. This is what Khan Parveez, the VIP Sales Manager at Brian Jessel BMW believes in and practices every day.

The VIP Sales Manager at Brian Jessel BMW, Khan had a flair for cars like most of the boys of his age while growing up. He admits that he got it from his late father. Even though his father was a medical practitioner by profession working in the emergency unit of a hospital, his stress buster was shopping for old American/ European cars and restoring them with his quirks, modifying them and giving them a new look. “I think it all started from there and my inclination towards the automobile market grew”, said Khan.

After being one of the top salesmen in the country for BMW for many years with a Gold Sales Master title, he believes his organized, customer centric approach led him to this position. He has been associated with Brian Jessel BMW, which is a power house in sales and holds a prime position in the entire country for selling BMWs.

Talking about the source of motivation to give his best every day at work, he says “at Brian Jessel, we just don’t sell cars but premium cars to clients who are inquisitive about the brand, ones who are treating themselves for their achievements or people who have saved for a long time for their dream cars and soon. All these reasons give me a very positive energy and great vibe to be motivated and indulged with the clients and the brand”.

“My motivation to give my best everyday also comes from the positive feedback from clients”, he added.

He believes a feather in the hat is when the client starts referring his friends and family to the Brian Jessel dealership. “That’s when you know you have just not done a good job making a sale, but an exceptional one”.

For him, working at the dealership is a great experience. He says, “working with a highly professional team of people, be it in sales or service is great fun as it aligns with my goals and business approach”.

“For me, keeping the clients’ needs as the epitome is a key to be successful and that’s what most of our team members believe. This constant practice of great attitude — be it from a basic habit of greeting the clients to selling a vehicle and a great after sale service — has kept the job very fun and satisfying in every aspect”.

Talking about challenges on the job, he says “though it has been natural for my team and myself to give a great customer experience, some challenges come in beyond our scope. This could be when factory orders from customers get delayed or a vehicle arrives with transport damages. This is when things go out of our hands, but we try our best to fix the issues at the earliest.

When it comes to achieving sales targets, he says, “it all starts with a motivated team with an interest of showing you have your prospects’ best interests at heart. It is also one of the best ways to stand apart from your competitors. He also believes reaching out to your best clients and being connected with them is the best way to drive sales.

Self-motivation is essential, he feels. “Of course, constant marketing and using Social media tools as a platform is a great attribute in reaching our message out to potential clients. Just like any other sales job we also have targets to meet. Ours gets a bit interesting with Premium cars.

Particularly with the onset of the pandemic, it was beyond challenging to navigate through.” He credits the team for all the hard work and driving the sales during these trying times. “This was possible with our dynamic team involving owners and managers holding key positions maneuvering processes as we were dealing with so much uncertainty. It was because of them that we were able to weather the storm brought by the pandemic when everything came to a standstill”.

He can be reached at: kparveez@ Phone: 6043756769

He signed off.