In rolls the new year, and we have so many resolutions. Some of them are for our own health, some for the ones we love, and some should be for the planet we live in that sustains us.

The human race has been ungrateful to the Earth for a very long time; we have done irrevocable damage and now we have no choice but to aggressively advocate for better treatment of the motherland that births and nourishes all of us.

The resolution you truly need and cannot do without this year is to be a better Earth advocate in 2021, and if you are looking for meaningful inspiration then look no further.

Here is how you can be a better global citizen and advocate for planet Earth in 2021.

1. Start with little things, and celebrate them

It is impossible to redo everything all at once. All of our which entails several milestones. To succeed and arrive at the end of the journey, it is crucial to celebrate the first compost pit you make, the first time you create no waste in a day, when you officially switch to reusable containers, and everything else! Every step has a huge impact, so you must celebrate it!

2. Always stay positive

As you set out on any challenge, you should expect some resistance from your old habits. This shouldn’t put you down, but rather remind you why you started in the first place. There will be days when you will accidentally leave a faucet running or forget to turn the lights off. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you make on the way, and remember to be positive and believe in your ability to do better next time.

3. Set an example for those around you

It is much easier to learn by example, and one person has to do it for everyone else. Keep a coffee mug at your desk to inspire your coworkers to ditch the paper cups, and start recycling things around the house to encourage your siblings too. Set an example and see how others follow your lead to save the Earth!

4. Understand the battles others fight

It is important to be understanding and compassionate through the transformation of becoming a better Earth advocate as everyone does not have the same resources or capacity to make the changes you are making. Be respectful of others’ wishes, dietary needs and preferences, as well as their pocket.

5. Look forward to making changes, one at a time

Trying to do too many things is often the downfall of incredibly motivated people. It is not possible to make all changes at once, one has to start small and gradually scale to involve other things and do better everyday. Start out with replacing tissue papers and paper towels with reusable fabric napkins around the house, and gradually make your way to a zero waste lifestyle.

Follow these simple but motivational tips to stay on track and stick to your resolution. Be a better Earth advocate in 2021, and see how it impacts your life in multiple ways.

Ritika Tiwari
Freelance Writer/ Blogger/ Content Strategist