Jeremy Schaab, the General Manager of Porsche Centre Vancouver, has been working in the auto industry since 1999. Working for both the manufacturer and retailer operations has provided Jeremy over 20 years of experience covering nearly every step in the industry from the time a car is assembled to when it is delivered to its excited new owner.

The road to success is never easy to navigate, but with hard work, incurable drive and passion, it’s possible to achieve the ultimate goal of life. When passion is turned into a profession, with hundred percent effort, success is only a matter of time as success likes the company of a prepared mind.

Hailing from Saskatchewan, Jeremy has a keen interest in creating a solid branding and identity, team management, retail sales process and operation. As the Dilawri Group itself got its start in Saskatchewan, Jeremy is proud to be able to now manage its crown jewel in downtown Vancouver which is one of the largest Porsche Dealers in the world.

Jeremy feels that “Leaders enjoy the journey and try to get better per diem. They don’t lose the passion and the love for what they do. They always carry the team with Treading on a road to success them because they clearly know Together Everyone Achieves More.”

Being a son of an Automotive Technician, he decided to pursue a career in Automotive. When enquired about why he decided in favor of this off shoot of education, he said, “My reverend father used to be known as a Car Guy; and the Automotive industry always fascinated me and hence, I made my passion my profession. I really feel elated to be in the field of my choice that is very dear to my heart and soul.”

After graduating from Georgian College with a degree in Business Administration with Automobile Marketing as a major, he entered another phase of life by landing a first job as a Marketing Associate with Toyota Canada. For 13 years- during the prime of his youth – he worked with constancy to purpose and honesty of commitment. Management amply rewarded the core professionalism and a leading loyal leader in him as he escalated the rung after rung to be Western Canada Sales Manager in a record period. With a proven track record, he decided that he wanted to have a more personal relationship with the clients he served and decided to switch from corporate automotive sector to managing Dealerships at the retail level. After 6 successful years of managing Lexus & Mercedes dealerships in Richmond & Surrey, Jeremy achieved his dream of working for Porsche. So in 2019 Jeremy joined the Dilawri Group of Companies to become the General Manager of Porsche Centre Vancouver.

Jeremy who has had an eventful career of 20 years in his chosen field, feels good and lucky to be a part of the best automobile companies where he could pursue his passion.

He is originally from Saskatchewan but his love for BC is also immense. “I love to be here and I will never leave this area blessed with mountains, ocean, nature bedecked roads and beautiful multi cultured inhabitants, he said.”

On hobbies front he loves Skiing, Mountain Biking and Hiking as he loves to be in the company of nature. On the family front, he loves to travel with his spouse Amberlea and two young sons aged 6 & 9.

On being asked about where he sees himself in the next 10 years, he opined.” The future of Auto Industry will be very different and exciting as well as challenging as years unfold in succession. With automobiles running on Electricity, Hydrogen, Self-Driven and flying locally may be a reality as R & D is indeed moving at a fast speed. The future is very encouraging as next generation of mobility will be sure to excite.

He signed off!

Nitika Sharma
Freelance Writer/ Blogger/ Content Strategist