Post-operative Physiotherapy treatment


A successful outcome following any surgical procedure depends on good physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation focussing on restoring optimal mobility, strengthening weakened and disused muscles, compensation for any functional loss, restoring normal movement patterns and habits.

Orthopedic procedures


Many operative procedures benefit from having you at your very best or strongest prior to the surgery as much as possible and can help enormously with your post-operative rehabilitation. Our Physiotherapist at MJ Physio is happy to see clients for a preoperative assessment and education session prior to an elective/planned orthopedic procedures. You will be educated on prevention of post-op complications. Deep breathing exercises and basic muscle setting exercises that will have to be started right after the surgical procedure will be demonstrated to our clients.


We at MJ physio work closely with your family doctor, specialist and orthopedic surgeon to obtain a good outcome in your rehabilitation. With more than 10 years of work experience in hospital settings, our physiotherapist uses standardized protocols/ specific surgeon recommended protocols after every orthopedic surgical procedure to get you back to full functional capacity.

Some of the post-surgical conditions treated by our Physiotherapist at MJ Physio are :

Shoulder surgery – arthroscopy, tendon or ligament repairs, decompressions, joint replacement, fracture management, acromioclavicular joint repair

Hip – arthroscopy, labral repair, joint replacement, injection Knee – ligament, cartilage or tendon repair, arthroscopy, injection, joint replacement

Spinal – fusions, stabilizations, discectomy, injections

Ankle – arthroscopy, ligament repair, joint replacement

Foot – bunion and toe surgery, fracture management

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