Valentine’s Day is that time of year when romance reigns supreme. Candlelit restaurant dinners, candy, cards, gifts and flowers, people don’t leave any stone unturned to impress the love of their life. There is an endless expression of love seen everywhere.

I’m all in support of celebrating love, shouting out loud our obsession and devotion to one another. I love romantic dinners, cards, flowers, presents as well. However, what I most treasure as a gift, not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day, is the gift of my beloved’s presence.

Because we live in times when everything is so “out there”, everyone likes to show the best version of their lives on the social media and there is a constant need to be the best out of the lot. This isn’t something that only you and I feel but many men and women go through the same dilemma. And in order to win this rat race of being the best, sometimes, we lose out on a lot of stuff unknowingly.

Valentine’s Day is a reminder to celebrate, but every day is an opportunity to share the presence of your dearest partner. Try and begin by adding a few extra seconds to each kiss, to each touch. Create pauses in your togetherness, make time for when there is nothing to do, nothing to say. Abide in the love that circulates between you. Ask for, and give, the time necessary to make this a purposeful, daily practice.

Listen to one another, listen with your heart. Look at each other in your moments of passion. Recognize and appreciate that when you share your vital life force with another, a cellular transformation takes place that energizes you from the inside out. And, because we are all connected, our evolution contributes to the ongoing presence of love in our whole world. The giving and receiving of presence is truly a gift that should be encouraged.

So, this Valentine’s Day, promise to celebrate and cherish the love you have, everyday. You might not realize but your relationship could bloom like never before and each day would then be the day of love for you.

Nitika Sharma
Freelance Writer/ Blogger/ Content Strategist