We always encourage you to embrace your individual sense of style and fashion because while trends come and go your individuality sustains, and it must thrive in your self expression.

However your individuality cannot sustain unless you understand the impact of your choices in the long run and how it impacts the world that we live in – from society to our beloved planet.

Sustainable fashion is a term that has gained momentum in the last few years, though its importance was well acknowledged long before. This popularity has allowed more and more people to understand how the fashion industry impacts the world.

If you are confused about the term, or aren’t sure how to indulge into sustainable fashion, and be a better global citizen generally, this is your complete guide to sustainable fashion.

What is sustainable fashion?

Production of fabrics, clothing, shoes, handbags, make up, accessories, and other glittery shiny things that we love often has a huge environmental impact. Sustainable fashion simply means products that have been created in a way that is truly sustainable for the environment.

This means these products are made in such a way that they do not cause serious environmental havoc, limit carbon emissions and reduce carbon footprints, utilise dyes that are friendly for the Earth and minimal chemicals, while using less water and causing minimal impact on the environment.

This includes products which are often made using recycled material or materials which can be reused and recycled in the future. Sustainable fashion also extends to products that have a long shelf life and are vegan or at least cruelty free.

Sustainable fashion requires products to be high quality as well so they create less waste over a prolonged period of time, which means they are definitely beneficial for buyers and users.

While they may be slightly more costly than their non sustainable counterparts, sustainable fashion goods are generally longer lasting and better for your health and wellbeing.

Why we need sustainable fashion?

Sustainable Fashion is the urgent need of the hour because Mother Earth has taken a beating from human hands long enough. The multiple ways in which the fashion industry has contributed to the deploration of our planet’s condition are to be checked immediately and aggressively. The cost of cheaper production across continents for shoes or apparel is not only that underage workers and unskilled labour is heavily exploited, but the unnecessary and incessant transportation leads to a huge carbon footprint behind each product. There are huge amounts of water which are wasted trying to produce low quality fast fashion that does not last in anyone’s wardrobe for more than one season. Dyes and chemical conditioners pollute the environment, and glittery make up requires excavation and mining of mica and other minerals which is never good for the planet.

How can you contribute?

You can significantly help the cause of saving our home by being a little more mindful in your purchases and choices. Reading labels and educating yourself about the practices of huge enterprises in the first step towards this long term goal.

Ritika Tiwari
Freelance Writer/ Blogger/ Content Strategist