The Holiday season has arrived again. To celebrate the festive season, as a token of affection, you may be thinking of various possible gifts which may bring a smile on your loved child’s/grandchild’s face. Certainly, as parents, we always remain concerned about the well-being of our dear kids and want to see them prosperous in life. So, it would be great if you provide them with a precious gift which may prove a valuable asset to them when they need financial assistance to cover their educational, medical and living expenses- a gift that they can use the rest of their lives.

I would like to share with you some really wonderful financial and insurance coverage options that can adequately secure your child’s needs and will be the wonderful gift of lifetime which will create your legacy in their heart for life

Critical illness insurance

Critical Illness Insurance is an insurance protection that guarantees payment of a tax-free lump sum benefit in case the insured suffers from a critical illness. This wonderful insurance product protects your child against 25 life-threatening diseases in case the critical illness is diagnosed; though we certainly pray that your child remains in the best of his/ her health. With the grace of God, if a critical illness is never diagnosed, your child may either choose to keep the coverage in adulthood, or receive tax-free money through Flexible-return-ofpremiums rider in which all paid premiums will be fully reimbursed. This money will help him/her cover certain expenses in adulthood. As per your needs, you can select coverage for a 10 year, 20 year or T-75 term, and also 10pay or 20pay.

Child Life & Health Duo: Combined Coverage

Another remarkable product is the Child Life & Health Duo. It includes the unique combination of both life insurance and critical illness insurance. This useful combination enables you to access half the face amount in case of a critical illness. Furthermore, between the age of 25 and 30, you even have the flexibility to convert the critical illness coverage to permanent coverage.

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent Life insurance is a resource that protects the financial security of the loved ones of the ‘life insured’ in case he dies. It lessens the financial burden by paying a tax-free payment to the family members. As per your needs and circumstances, you can purchase whole life insurance for 10 pay, 15 pay or 20 pay which also have great features of cash values that will be immensely useful for your various financial needs later in life.

RESP: for your Child’s Post-secondary Education

If you intend to save for the post-secondary education of your children, you can take advantage of this wonderful savings initiative of the government. RESP is an immensely beneficial/ wonderful way to help you save for the post-secondary education of your children. The funds invested/ accumulated through RESP can be used to pay tuition fee and other financial barriers of post-secondary education including residence, school supplies, food, and travel. Like RRSP, the funds invested in RESP grow in a tax-sheltered manner until the time you withdraw the money to cover educational expenses. Individual and family plans offer a wide range of investment options that will maximize the growth of contributions and government grants.

We are happy to announce Sandeep Ahuja that we are celebrating 13 successful years of Punjab Insurance. To commemorate this occasion, we have organized a free contest on Lohri Festival in which you can win a total cash prize of $5,000. On January 13, 2020, there will be 5 draws with $1000 cash prize for each of the draws. To participate, you don’t need to purchase a plan. Simply go to our website and register your kid’s name in the contest.

As an independent insurance advisor working through Punjab Insurance Agency, I deal with different insurance companies offering plans for different types of insurance. I can explain to you in detail, the insurance plan options and coverage that are suitable for your needs and resources. Besides, I can also help you to purchase mortgage insurance, super visa insurance, disability insurance, critical illness insurance, extended medical plans, group medical plans, RESP, RRSP, travel insurance, TFSA accounts, health and dental plans along with estate planning suitable for your needs and resources.

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