What to Eat With Braces This Dr Vishal Sharma BSc, DDS, Cert. Ortho. FRCD(C), FCDS(BC) holiday season


The holiday season is upon us! The team here at Aura Orthodontics is ready to celebrate and we hope you are too. However, I know our patients in Surrey, Abbotsford and Langley sometimes wonder what they can and cannot eat with braces during the festivities. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with our guide to what to eat with braces this holiday season. The good news is, you can still enjoy most of your favorite holiday treats with a few exceptions. I’ll be breaking it down so you can feel confident eating with braces during the holidays.

Holiday foods to avoid with braces

You won’t have to make a ton of sacrifices during the holidays and the ones you do have to make will be well worth it when you see your fantastic new smile. Here are some of the holiday foods to avoid with braces, as they can damage your brackets and wires:

• Candy canes

• Hard gingerbread cookies

• Peanut brittle

• Caramel apples

• Brownies, pies or butter tarts with nuts

• Nuts in general

• Hard rolls

• Meat on the bone

• Raw veggies on a snack tray

What to eat with braces during the holidays

Now on to the good stuff; here’s what to eat with braces during the holidays:

• Mashed potatoes

• Brussels sprouts

• Cooked carrots

• Other soft-cooked or steamed veggies

• Cranberries and cranberry sauce

• Stuffing (as long as it doesn’t contain nuts)

• Turkey (tender and off the bone)

• Ham

• Salmon or other fish

• Brisket

• Pie

• Cake and brownies without nuts

• Soft-baked cookies

• Latkes

• Trifle

• Perogies

• Soft cheeses

• Cheesecake

• Apple cider

• Eggnog

Just remember, no matter what you’re eating, cut or break it into small pieces and chew with your back teeth like we mentioned before. This will keep your braces safe and will be easier on your teeth. Now that you know what to eat with braces this holiday season, are you ready to get started on a healthy, confident smile to close out your 2019? Book a complimentary consultation with a Surrey, Abbotsford or Langley orthodontist today at Aura Orthodontics!


Dr Vishal Sharma
BSc, DDS, Cert. Ortho.