Started as a theatre artiste, Jobanpreet Singh, the lead actor of the recently released movie SAAK is on the way to carve his name amongst the biggest names of the Indian film industry. His dedication, relentless effort and never give in attitude has already helped him score a few Punjabi movies with some big names of Bollywood and Pollywood. However, he aspires not only to become a top-notch actor, but, also wants to produce some great cinematic experiences for the audience. Even though his journey in this field of gltiz and glamour is not so old, he has managed to grab credits for being an actor, writer, producer, and even a casting director.

Jobanpreet began his journey with theatre (Rang Manch Rangnagri, Ludhiana) and his love for the craft grew stronger with time. His voyage into the film industry came through his love for theatre that he developed via his recruitment into Punjab Police. His popularity soon grew across Punjab as an actor that eventually led him to the promising and ever growing Punjabi Film industry. His stints include a role of an Assistant Production Manager in Dangal starring Aamir Khan, and other significant roles in Pollywood films Rupinder Gandhi 2 and Kande.

He landed in a lead role opposite Mandy Takhar in the movie Saak, which was highly appreciated by the audience. His real passion and goal is to first make it big in his native Punjabi film industry before taking over other genres and regions. For Jobanpreet, sports, physical fitness and his craft are very much the core of his daily regimen as he prepares to climb the ladder of stardom in a growing and very competitive industry.

A fitness enthusiast, he makes sure to indulge in any physical activity like running, cardio and weights training etc. whenever he can make time. He keeps himself busy as a casting director and line producer, having these tasks on several major productions.

Hailing from a small hamlet called Kuhli Kalan in Punjab, he is the youngest in his family, and feels that without the support of his family, he wouldn’t have achieved such heights in such little time.

“I have a habit of putting in my heart and soul into everything I do. During my theatre days, my days used to commence at 5. I used to go for my theatre workshops and practice sessions at 6 and only returned home after a rigorous session of 4-5 hours,” said Jobanpreet.

“The hard work I had put in for those 3 years is definitely paying back now”, he added. He will be seen in the upcoming film, Train to Bikaner which is being directed by Dapinder Sandhu.

He is also working on a film, Jehan Khelan which is based on the rigorous training and the life of a police recruit.

When it comes to his future plans, the 30-year-old wants to focus on enhancing his skills and also aspires to work with Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan. Before bidding good bye, Jobanpreet mentioned his love for Canada and how he feels it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. “I can’t pick any one place if someone would ask me. From Vancouver to Victoria, British Columbia and Edmonton, every place is surreal and beautiful beyond words. The love I get from everyone in Canada can’t be compared and I am really thankful for that,” he said.

For his fans and audience in India, Jobanpreet had a hard hitting message, he said, “I returned to India from Canada early in November and I was shocked to see the alarming levels of pollution in the cities”.

“I would urge everyone to invest sometime whenever they can and plant trees. This is the need of the hour, as if we don’t have clean air to breathe, how are we going to sustain the entire ecosystem here?”

He revealed that gardening is one of his favorite hobbies and he wants to make this planet greener and livable by his continuous efforts. He signed off! By: Nikita Sharma