Continued issue (Part 37)

IELTS exam preparation

All three of us, Amrit, Nancy and I, returned to Canada two weeks after others had left. I turned unhappier further. The only hope that my parents, Meenu and Sunny would come to Canada was soothing me a bit. Amrit held my hand in his hand for long during our flight. I made him understand that we had to respect our new relations. Bygone was our past. Reality was staring at us.

“How could you be so hard on yourself?”, Amrit asked me. He knew I had truly loved him.

“One has to be hard on oneself to discharge one’s responsibilities.”, I tried to convince him unsuccessfully. I hadn’t shared Baljit’s condition with him or anyone, not even with my mom. In fact, I had become very hard on myself.

Well, we reached Canada. Baljit’s parents had come to receive us. They blessed me with lots of love. They were very happy because they had got a hope of Baljit’s coming to Canada. I moved from bhua’s basement to my new in-laws’. They invited bhua to their house very respectfully because I had told them how nice she was. Bhua was very happy from our marriages. She had especially congratulated my dad and mom on phone.

After coming from India, Amrit and I filed sponsorships for Meenu and Baljit respectively. Amrit began studying for his life-insurance exam. I often felt very sad. Amrit and I hardly talked to each other. Sometimes, I talked to him, but he was always sulky with me. After coming to Canada, I began feeling very weak physically. My mom-in-law sent me to my family doctor. I told my condition to the doctor. He checked my vitals.

“Do you feel sexual excitement?”, the male doctor asked me. The doctors born here are so straightforward; they don’t even see whether the patient is male or female.

“Not very much.”, I said bashfully. “Sonia, I think you are under depression. I’ll write you some medication and take it regularly. Don’t miss even its single dose.”, the doctor told me.

“Alright.”, I said. “Do you work?”, the doctor asked.

“No, I don’t. I look after my baby. She is very young.”, I replied.

“Keep yourself busy in some hobby or passion. You will feel better. I prescribe you some medication. Take it and see me after one month.”, the doctor said.

“All right doctor.”, I took the prescription and went to get medication from a pharmacy. After coming home, I told Baljit’s mom about my depression problem. She asked me to upgrade my qualification. I was feeling hopeless. I felt utmost strain in my eyes. I felt like sleeping more and more. Baljit’s mom took care of Nancy even more than me. She motivated me a lot and asked me to take up any course. I surfed various websites, but I was unable to get anything out.

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