As the weather gets chilly, we pull out the heaviest of our clothing. And while we try to invest in chic and statement making pieces, we often have to figure out how to style our wardrobe effectively

With monochromatic looks and oversized heavy pullovers and coats, you risk looking bulky and compromising the shape of your visage. Follow these tried and tested fashion tips that never disappoint and give you an edge dressing for the very cold times.

1. Balance shapes with one well-fitting piece

While heavy overcoats and fluffy sweaters make you look tawny and often compromise of solid shapes of the body, you can exaggerate your stature by choosing to have a bodyfitted article in each ensemble. This could be a pair of skinny jeans, or calf-length boots that emphasize your contours. You can opt for a fitted sweater with loose pants and leave your jacket unzipped for a classy look.

2. Attract eyes to a pop of color

Winter clothing is often in dark colors like black, brown, blue, or grey. This is well fitted to the season, but can make you look heavy and put on weight around areas where you are not chubby due to a washed out appearance.

Combat this with a brightly colored heavy belt around the midriff area, or opt for a light washed denim with a dark sweater and coat combo. You can take the idea a step further by choosing brightly colored accessories in the form of bags, shoes, and even nail lacquer!

3. Choose pastel hues

Another tip related to color is to bring in a variety of colors in your wardrobe. When you go shopping, find winter appropriate shades which aren’t basic blacks and grays. Find maroons and mauves, shades of brown and tan, offwhites and mustard yellows.

You can also go for light colors in pastel so that they blend smoothly with other pieces in your wardrobe but add color and shape into your outfit.

4. Vary fabric textures

Another reason outfits look bulky during winters is that they are all the same fabric or are very similar. Mix up denims, faux furs, leather, wool varieties, and even silk to get a multidimensional appearance. Every piece of clothing should stand out on its own with its own personality, without competing with another.

5. Get the right accessories

While you are wearing heavy and dark ensembles, you should stick to dainty jewelry and smaller accessories. You should avoid heavy neck pieces or dangling earrings and opt for thin chains around the neck and studs in the ears.

Instead of carrying big handbags, go for sling bags with thin belts and even clutch purses. Get belts which are narrow in width and scarves that aren’t very voluminous.

Winter fashion requires an extra step to balance out the elements of your outfit so they work in tandem and balance out each other; but with these simple tricks up your sleeve, you are going to rock the winter season.

Ritika Tiwari
Freelance Writer/ Blogger/ Content Strategist