As winter approaches fast, it is time to get the wardrobe ready as per the hottest trends of Fall. If you are confused about what statements to make and how to avoid fashion blunders, here is a list of the most acclaimed fashion trends that you have to live by this season.

1. Bright eyelids

This look is being dubbed ‘Disco Eyes’ by the industry celebs, but it is nothing more than bright monochrome lids without any glitter or eyeliner. This is the easiest look to replicate, as all you need is a brightly colored eye shadow. Blend the shadow seamlessly with your finger, and you are ready to walk the runway!

2. Glowing skin

Gone are the days of matte foundations and full coverage cakey looks; right now the focus is on healthy looking skin which has a natural finish and radiant shine. Avoid using a lot of foundation, and focus on evening out the texture and complexion. Switch to a concealer for areas you need better coverage in instead of using a heavy duty foundation. Minimally powder the face for a glossy, glass-like appearance to the skin.

3. Shoulder pads

Runways recycle trends, and this once-loved favorite is back. It is time to ask your mum if she has a jacket in the back from the 80’s, because shoulder pads are all the rage now. The appearance that padded shoulders give you is of extreme confidence. Mix this shape with prints of your choice and rock the show.

4. Statement red lip

An ageless look, this one is more trendy than ever this season. Not only is the fashion world studded with bright red lips, it is also experimenting with shades of red and mixing it with oranges and plums for unique and out of the box looks. The best part of a red lip is that it suits everyone when done with the right shade, and with this bold lip you do not need any other accessories or make up.

5. Punk eyeliner

The punk eyeliner includes bold wings extending out to the side of the face and thick round eyes completed on both upper and lower lash lines. It can be further adorned with crystals to make it glamorous, or smoked out to look even more sultry. With eyes this bold, it is advised to keep the lips nude or minimally glossed.

6. Cruella de Vil style capes

The Dalmatian cape coat that Cruella de Vil wanted was a moment in fashion history, and inspired endless looks and designs. The statement look of the long cape coat is a result of its sharp shape that takes over the silhouettes of the body and creates straight lines extending straight from the shoulder to the calves, and is perfect for the Fall weather.

7. Faux-fur and feathers

Harsh winters call for fluffy and warm clothing that keeps you warm and looks inviting, and faux-fur and feathers do exactly that. While synthetic fibers usually fail to keep you warm, the multiple layers of this look keep you warm. Not only is this look super chic, it is also functional. The simple trends of fashion are always subject to your interpretation and your desire to experiment. When it comes to fashion, always remember that you make the rules.